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CONNECTIONS: A tale of two 19th-century Berkshire women

One had a solid impact on Berkshire County and her generation. While the other, although more famous, may have had no impact on the county at all. You decide.

For many Great Barrington voters, a tough decision for selectboard awaits

"I have no idea how this election will turn out. I put signs up this weekend. I asked some people to put up signs and they said no. They liked everybody." -- Great Barrington Selectboard Chair Steve Bannon

‘Next steps’ for Monument uncertain after panel fails to reach a consensus on high school’s future

The devil, however, was in the details, as panelists debated the pros and cons of building a brand-new new school or stripping the old one down to its core, constructing an addition and adding sprinkler systems and new infrastructure.

Berkshire Hills official wants referendum on possible merger with SBRSD

The recommendation came amid mounting frustration with the slow pace of progress in gaining public approval for taking some tangible action.

Berkshire Hills reconsiders Monument Mountain Regional High School renovation; timetable deemed ‘aggressive’

Monument Next Steps includes 22 members and will be modeled after the Regional Agreement Amendment Committee, which met several times over the course of the last year in a successful effort to change the district agreement's formula for taxing the district's member towns to pay for its operations and capital expenses.

Here we go again: Berkshire Hills mulls a third try at rebuilding Monument High School

At a meeting Thursday night, the school committee voted unanimously to ask Superintendent Peter Dillon to draft a mission and recommend the composition of a panel that would meet regularly and propose a solution for the aging school.

EDITORIAL: In Stockbridge, an unselfish act by the taxpayers

Some day, local historians will regard Stockbridge taxpayers as heroes for making this generous sacrifice so that children can get a better education.

Thank you, Stockbridge!

In his letter to the editor Great Barrington Selectboard member Ed Abrahams writes: “On Monday night, Stockbridge didn't say 'What's best for us?' You said, 'What's best for ALL OF US?' How rare is that today?"

Stockbridge endorses amended BHRSD agreement, completing district-wide approval

“There is no better way to ensure a better future for our community, state and country than to invest in education. What we are saying is that we believe in education for all the children, not just in our town but in the district. Education has longevity” ---Stockbridge resident Sarah Horne, speaking at the Annual Town Meeting

Proposed BHRSD amendment asks too much of Stockbridge

In his letter to the editor, Gary Pitney writes: "The proposed amendment to the existing agreement between the three towns of Great Barrington, Stockbridge, and West Stockbridge would place an unfair financial burden on Stockbridge."

Stockbridge should support amended school district agreement

In his letter to the editor, Rich Bradway of Stockbridge writes: “I look at this change as an investment in our community’s future, our town’s future. Our town has lost a lot of families. Our schools are the best way to encourage new families to move back into the area.”

Vote YES on Article 28 to support high school education and break barriers

In her letter, Sharon Gregory writes: “Warrant Article 28 would encourage formation of an enlarged group to discuss district enhancement with other towns and school districts.”

Mystery solved: Stockbridge truck-sign owner unmasked

"I just wanted to get my viewpoint out. I believe it'll raise my taxes — maybe not immediately — but it'll happen." -- Wilson Wright of Stockbridge, owner of the truck and sign urging voters to reject an amended regional school district pact

After robust debate, town and school budgets readied for Great Barrington town meeting

Unfortunately for Great Barrington taxpayers, the proposed BHRSD budget calls for an increase in the town's assessment of almost 6 percent, with an increase in Stockbridge of 1.16 percent and an actual decrease in West Stockbridge of 4.58 percent.

Reforming public education funding would benefit school districts statewide

In his letter to the editor, Chip Elitzer writes: “For all 58 Massachusetts school districts, that additional amount in FY2017 [that would have been raised by the Education Finance Reform Act] would have been $210 million.”

Great Barrington approves amended school funding, finance reform, and affordable housing trust fund

The amendment won’t change the current headcount formula, but will give Great Barrington a break by using a measurement of a town’s wealth to determine how much it should pay for future capital projects.

BHRSD finance revision needs public support at special town meetings

In 2016, the Regional Agreement Amendment Committee was formed with citizens from our three towns to once again review and update the Regional Agreement of the Berkshire Hills Regional School District. They met for more than a year.

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