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CONNECTIONS: Baldwin’s in West Stockbridge marches on

The Civil War had created pent-up demand for goods, and there was Baldwin’s. Folks all over the North and South were glad to see the war ending and new businesses starting up.

ORANGE ALERT: The (almost) daily outrage

“It is becoming increasingly clear that the goal of this White House is to cripple the U.S. refugee program.” — J. Kevin Appleby, the senior director of international migration policy at the Center for Migration Studies.

A Passover message: Resist the new inhumanity

Why is this night different from all other nights? This night is different because it lights my way, in sharp relief, to an understanding that the plague of inhumanity to others only breeds an inhumanity in our souls.

Rockwell Museum Four Freedoms forum explores immigration and the refugee ‘crisis’ amid national panic

“We have all been complicit in the creation of the ‘refugee.’ Just remember the hand we had in the production of that problem, and to even think of another human being in need as a problem.” -- Asma Abbas, professor of politics and philosophy at Bard College at Simons Rock, Great Barrington

News Briefs: Baker calls immigration executive order ‘problematic’; ‘Complete Streets’ funding awards

"Massachusetts is a global community. We all benefit from the shared experiences of our partners from around the world. Our education, health care, business and public sector institutions rely on these relationships to deliver on their missions every single day." --Gov. Charlie Baker

South Berkshire Interfaith statement: Support for Muslim brothers and sisters

In their statement the clergy of South Berkshire write: “We weep for the refugees who run from terror and we seek to provide a safe harbor for these innocent families caught in the cross-fires. We recognize that responding to hate with hatred and with fear, only fans the fires of enmity among us.”

Lulu ‘n’ Hershey

What do kids want for Christmas, based on their letters to Santa? Find out, as Lulu and Hershey open today's Dogs News Network Advent calendar windows.

EDGEWISE: On this Thanksgiving generosity for refugees — past and present

Let us remember the real roots of this holiday: The generous spirit of the indigenous ancestors of America, who welcomed the first European refugees.

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