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Housatonic Water Works receives $350,000 grant from MassDEP and EPA

The company has received $350,000 through the Emerging Contaminants for Small or Disadvantaged Communities grant program funded from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.

Of plastic water bottles and the evil weed: A preview of Great Barrington’s 2018 annual town meeting

The challenge for the state's 351 cities and towns is to revamp their zoning regulations so that they're not caught flat-footed by applications from cannabis retailers and manufacturers.

Plastic bottle ban will protect environment, human health

In a letter to the editor, Emily Norton of the Sierra Club writes, "Plastic bottles are not fully recycled by turning them into more bottles, but rather into unrecyclable products such as fleece. "

Plastic water bottle ban based on misinformation

In her letter to the editor Tara White writes: "When you consider the vote to ban only water bottles, consider what you may be taking away from others."

Proposed plastic water bottle ban generates fierce support and opposition among merchants

Forty businesses and organizations have signed off on the Great Barrington proposal. There are some high-profile businesses on the list, including Guido’s, Prairie Whale and Soco. Most recently the Berkshire Co-op Market came on board.

Bottled-water ban should focus on all plastics, not just water bottles

In a letter to the editor, Janis Bosworth Graham-Jones writes, "The single, most effective thing a consumer can do to reduce plastic pollution of our environment is to ensure that any used plastic container enters the recycling chain directly from their hand.​"

Egremont Green News: Gearing up for Earth Day and honoring the memory of Rachel Carson

By the end of our annual Earth Day event in Egremont, we will have diverted as much as 800 pounds of material away from our delicate land and waterways into trash or recycling streams.

Egremont Green News: Check your supermarket for plastic film recycling

The most common examples of recyclable plastic film are bags for dry-cleaning, groceries, bread and produce, including zip-top bags.

Egremont Green News: Watch out for ‘wishful recycling’

Let’s hope that China’s ban on several types of scrap plastic will push our society to rethink our reliance on plastic and also force us to come up with more options for its post-consumer use.

Egremont Green News: Long-gone Rag-and-Bone Men are starting to look like heroes of the zero-waste movement

Foraging through garbage and picking through the houses and property of the dead, the rag-and-bone man became a figure for dark shadows and dead ends. So watch out for him on Halloween.

Egremont Green News: Will Our Waste Line Go Under 400?

Not everyone enjoys separating trash, rinsing cans and bottles and loading their cars with plastic film bags for their next trip to town. We get that. And we don’t want to be finger-wagging scolds. We try to build team spirit.

Bits & Bytes: ‘My Fair Ladies’; baseball at Arrowhead; Blessed Teresa bazaar; Talora & Ramsay at Mr. Finn’s Cabaret; bulky waste collection

Julie Wosk, professor and author of the new book “My Fair Ladies: Female Robots, Androids, and Other Artificial Eves (University Press, 2015),” will lead her audience a tour of artificial women — robots, dolls, mannequins — throughout history.

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