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You have never seen anything like ‘Skywalkers: A Love Story’

The one-week IMAX run ends just as the Netflix streaming begins.

THEATRE REVIEW: BTG’s confusing ‘What We May Be’ is beautiful with odd aspects

I am not often caught at a lack of words, but in this case, it is not clear to me what or why this play is what it is. Even so, praise for it comes naturally.

THEATRE REVIEW: Edward Albee’s ‘The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?’ a rich, intense evening of theater

Director Eric Hill uses broad strokes to show us the subtlety in Albee's play; he also uses the small things—his actor's reactions, for example—to give us big changes in the inner workings of all four characters.

THEATER REVIEW: BTG’s ‘Naked’ sizzles with perfection

Pirandello's people are never ordinary and never sound ordinary and, in this new version, they are just right for my taste.

THEATRE REVIEW: ‘Barefoot in the Park’ at Sharon Playhouse is delightful, genuinely entertaining

The very 1960s appeal of the piece was maintained, with a very 2018 sensibility bringing it up-to-date in feel while leaving things as they were written more than 50 years ago.

THEATRE REVIEW: ‘Coming Back Like a Song!’ at Berkshire Theatre Festival — an unforgettable evening with Irving Berlin et al

With about 35 songs, 'Coming Back Like a Song!' buoys up the songwriters' reputations while bringing them some long overdue humanity-showing frailties, emotional states and reputation-saving gestures.

THEATRE: ‘Lost Lake’ at the Unicorn is one of the season’s best

Coming very late in the season, this is one of the finest theatrical experiences of the year.

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