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‘We will rebound’: Storm cuts annual Relay for Life event short

“At some point, looking back at what happened with the storm, you have to say that this is how things go sometimes," Relay for Life organizer Ray Gardino told The Berkshire Edge. "But you know what? We will rebound. We will schedule these other parts of the event soon."

‘Inspiring Forgiveness’: An auspicious moment for local author’s publishing day

“Just pause for a moment,” Barbara Bonner advises when contemplating forgiveness. “What must that person be feeling right now [to act that way]?”

New ‘Little Women’ is visually beautiful, more sociologically accurate than previous adaptations

I have never wished I were a boy, but even as a child reading “Little Women” for the first time, I recognized why Jo said she was bitter about being born a girl.

CONNECTIONS: Berkshire women of distinction — the Goodale sisters

Although the sisters lived apart for many years since Smith College days, they kept a constant correspondence.

CONNECTIONS: A ‘goodie’ woman rebels

By 23 years old, Julia Ward Howe was dancing and talking, although neither was sanctioned, and testing the waters of whatever else might shock.

CONNECTIONS: Inspiring walks, a Berkshire tradition

A Berkshire ramble will refresh, energize, and delight. As you walk along, think of those who walked the same path before you.

Our very own Mass. imprisonment

Prison reform in the age of our own Mass. imprisonment has become a low-priority issue for today’s brand of timid political activists, who often seem more concerned about their own comfort than they are about the greater good of the society.

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