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Whose decline is more severe: Joe Biden’s or the news media’s?

The decisive problem right now isn't Joe Biden or the press; it is what is being done to the American people.


In fact, the wing keeps on shifting some of its paintings, which gives museumgoers a chance to see pieces of the immense collection that the Met has been warehousing for years.

LEONARD QUART: A momentous election

One result of the election is that the country is even more divided between rural and suburban, big-city America—not so different than Europe where right wing parties have their support in small towns and rural areas outside cities like Warsaw, Berlin and Budapest.

Amplifications:  While you were sleeping…

In September the New York Times revealed there are even more kids in concentration camps than we knew and they are being relocated in the middle of the night to facilities that warehouse them.

Amplifications: Whom do we trust for our news?

I wish that the dignity and credibility Cronkite brought to the evening news would reappear. 

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