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Sophisticated contemporary Berkshires compound

Selina Lamb of BIRCH Properties offers the pinnacle of Berkshires living with privacy, tranquility and modern comfort in an ideal location.

Amid national crisis Housatonic gun shop thrives as gun sales soar statewide

“It’s easy to sit back and look at a disaster and say, take the guns away. We do have strict gun laws and we still have a problem.” -- State Rep. William "Smitty" Pignatelli, D-Lenox

LEONARD QUART: Looking at the Paris terror attack

Fear alone should never be the basis of policy. It leads to a kind of hysteria.

EDGEWISE: After Paris, searching upstream for the source of terrorism

If we really want to defang the terrorists, we should stop selling them weapons, for starters.

Ashamed of Gov. Baker’s policy toward Syrian refugees

In his letter to the editor, David Harris writes: "I hope our fair-minded citizens will let Gov. Baker know we find unacceptable... his refusal to offer refuge.

Poem for Paris: ‘Following the footsteps of ghosts’

In response to Friday night's terrorist carnage in Paris, a poem.

THEATRE REVIEW: ‘Babylon Revisited,’ a compelling, innovative blend of theatre, film

This is a most memorable theatrical event, certainly the most curious of the season and should not be missed.

Lulu ‘n’ Hershey

With Lulu having rejected Mark Rothko, Hershey travels back in time to find a more colorful artist to decorate the solar panels installed at their coffeehouse.

Berkshire International Film Festival: Final Day

This is what I love about film festivals -- actually learning about the making of the film and backgrounds of the filmmakers.

Food & Wine: Bánh Mì sandwich, fusion of east and west   

The juxtaposition of the umami rich Maggi Sauce with the unique taste of cilantro and the sweet and sour bite of the pickles in a cocoon of French bread slathered with mayonnaise makes for a wonderful fusion of east and west. This is the yin and the yang of sandwiches. Namaste.

EDGEWISE: Three cheers for ambiguity

Ambiguity, taken first thing in the morning, has untold benefits. For most people, it’s not necessary to take another dose at night since the dream world is ambiguity’s country of origin. You will be drawn there whether you like it or not.

Letter from Paris

"In late autumn, when the slants of light incline towards melancholy, when the vegetable world is shadowed by decay, and when I –- perversely and right on cue –- am full of bright cheer and boundless creativity, the temptation to drop in on my favorite Paris cemetery is irresistible." This month's Letter from Paris is dedicated to the brave journalists of Charlie Hebdo. Ars longa.

KALCHEIM: The French get patriotism right, but their political leaders don’t

The French seem to understand the true meaning of patriotism and nationalism rather more than we do. In times of crisis, we Americans tend to rally behind our political leaders in the name of American strength, America dominance, and America’s ability to exact revenge. The men and women marching in Paris seem less interested in the people who lead their state than in the political ideal that is the French Republic: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité – it is still plastered on government buildings all over France.

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