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Sophisticated contemporary Berkshires compound

Selina Lamb of BIRCH Properties offers the pinnacle of Berkshires living with privacy, tranquility and modern comfort in an ideal location.

MUSIC REVIEW: In search of classic jazz at Ozawa Hall

Sadly, notwithstanding the proclaimed intentions, this performance did not begin to express the musical roots and high standards of individual and collective improvising that distinguish the classical jazz tradition.

AT TANGLEWOOD: Singing, swinging with Corea, McBride and Blade

Each set of the concert consisted of spellbinding trio and individual improvisations, which displayed not only delicious two- and three-way instrumental conversations but also foot-tapping swing.

AT TANGLEWOOD: Moonlight shines on Chanticleer at Ozawa Hall

To say the least, the Ozawa Hall audience, justly enthralled, did not want to let Chanticleer go.

REVIEW: At Tanglewood, tribute to Steven Stucky, Contemporary Music Festival curator

Stucky’s aim in “Dialoghi” isn’t to torment the cellist. Instead, he intends to endow the cellist with novel powers of expressivity. In this, Stucky succeeds admirably.

Bastille Day at Ozawa Hall: The Knights celebrate Egalité, Fraternité, as tragedy strikes France — again

Here was a different kind of Tanglewood orchestral concert. Notwithstanding the size of the ensemble, it had the intimacy of a string quartet. The players appeared deeply to engage as individuals.

TANGLEWOOD REVIEW: Jordi Savall’s ancient acoustic tour de force

The unamplified strings and drums summoned the essence of instrumental and vocal timbres -- an unforgettable evening of music for the mind and the heart.

TANGLEWOOD REVIEW: Timely, feminine convergence at Ozawa Hall

We slept well after this enormously satisfying evening, and awakened this morning with happy reverberations of the many feminine glories in art.

AT TANGLEWOOD: Tragedy in Matthais Goerne’s ‘Winter Journey’

The 24 songs comprising Franz Schubert’s 'Winterreise' (Winter Journey) were sung with penetrating intelligence by bass-baritone Matthais Goerne. This masterpiece of Viennese lieder was written as Schubert wasted away from a chronically debilitating illness.

TANGLEWOOD: Knights errant ride again at Ozawa Hall

Concertmaster Colin Jacobsen led the string ensemble with a vivid sense of texture and rhythm, summoning glorious solos, duets, and trios from violins, violas, and cellos.

TANGLEWOOD: A sublime Mozart and Schumann mini-marathon

If you ever want to witness a miracle, just watch Christian Zacharias perform a Mozart piano concerto in the dual role of conductor-pianist. You really must see this to believe it.

REVIEW: Bass-baritone Bryn Terfel in glorious recital at Ozawa Hall

Did this Terfel walk the walk and kvetch the kvetch of Tevye in “If I were a Rich Man,” from “Fiddler on the Roof?” Did he ever, to end the concert, to clamorous applause. “From Wotan to Tevye!” one audience member exclaimed afterward.

Tanglewood: The Gospel according to Jeremy Denk

There was no air of showboating. Denk’s formidable technique was entirely put to the service of musical expression.

Baritone Thomas Hampson reveals the glories of 19th century lieder

Your reviewer’s words, nor any critic’s for that matter, cannot sufficiently describe the intimate sharing of a lieder concert, much less an extraordinary one like this.

Fireworks from the Emerson Quartet: Shostakovich last quartets

No one present will soon forget this triumphal evening of Shostakovich at his most eloquent, and the Emerson String Quartet’s arriving at a new pinnacle of glorious accomplishment.

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