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Monument Valley Road Construction Begins Week of 6/17

During the week the road will be limited to local traffic only between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Tanglewood Learning Institute announces 2020 schedule

With the second summer of TLI programming coming up in just 200 days or so, it's the perfect time to nibble (binge?) on party food and peruse TLI's summer schedule.

Tanglewood 2020 season highlights

The problem with making a list of Tanglewood summer highlights is that almost nothing on the schedule qualifies as a lowlight, not even soloists or composers we've never heard of.

PREVIEW: Happiness to abound Aug. 15 when Tanglewood welcomes the Knights and Gil Shaham

The Knights believe that having an enormous amount of fun is the best way of accomplishing serious musical work, so it's only natural that the world's happiest orchestra would team up with the world's happiest violinist.

An exaltation of Bach in the hands of Hilary Hahn: Virtuoso marvels in Tanglewood’s Ozawa Hall

It is not an exaggeration to suggest that, for many devotees in the audience, this experience was indeed like being in a cathedral, with the voices coming from the stage reaching to the heavens above as well as into their hearts.

Solemnities and confections in Studio E: Gracing the opening of the Tanglewood Learning Institute

Had composer and conductor Oliver Knussen not died in Suffolk last year at the age of 66, he would have presided over this year’s Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music. It seemed fitting as well that the first sounds to put the new hall to test were Knussen’s stunning 'Prequel to Opening Signal.'

Blazes of brass and pyrotechnic percussion: New works and impressive debuts in Ozawa Hall

Here was a morning of provocative musical offerings and ear-rattling virtuosity, leaving the listener to wonder from minute to minute, “How is that even possible?” and “How come I never heard these guys?”

The Linde Center for Music and Learning: Visions and promises to the Berkshire community

Although each speaker offered a unique perspective on their place in and vision for this major new center, two themes ran through everyone’s remarks: the pivotal role of the arts and learning in our society, and the importance of and commitment to the Berkshire community.

Tanglewood’s Linde Center to open June 28

By summer's end, most of us will have forgotten what Tanglewood's storied Bernstein campus looked like "back in the day."

Tanglewood to welcome folk-rock pioneer Richard Thompson

It should be unnecessary to tell you that Thompson started out in a band called Fairport Convention. That's kind of like saying Paul McCartney started out in a band called the Beatles.

BSO to open Linde Center for Music and Learning at Tanglewood

The Linde Center's long-term importance to Tanglewood could eventually rival or even exceed that of Ozawa Hall. Why? Because of the wide range of programming that the Linde Center can support.

AMPLIFICATIONS: A walk in the woods

I kept expecting the toothless guy from “Deliverance” to jump out from behind a tree. Or that we would soon meet Creepy, the eighth dwarf and no one would ever know our fate.

REVIEW: Sexy, philosophical ‘Candide’ by the Knights at Tanglewood

If the overall story was a succession of loosely threaded skits, Leonard Bernstein’s music was a curio box that overflowed with pleasures.

PREVIEW: Tanglewood performance by Igor Levit, JACK Quartet to highlight notorious demagogues

Beethoven suffered fools from time to time, but he wanted nothing to do with despotic megalomaniacs.

PREVIEW: Emerson String Quartet to perform late Beethoven quartets at Tanglewood

Beethoven is the Shakespeare of music. His music is entertaining, but it is also very often a challenge, and it stays with us. We feel its depth and its power. And nowhere is this more true than in the late string quartets.

REVIEW: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones astonished audience at Tanglewood with banjo jazz

To the chagrin of nearly two Earl Scruggs fans, the Flecktones' set included nothing that Earl would have recognized as bluegrass.

REVIEW: Bernstein’s lesser-known ‘Trouble in Tahiti’ skillfully staged and performed

"Trouble in Tahiti" may not be in the same league as the enormously successful "On the Town," but it showcases the quirky, jazz-inflected melodic and harmonic writing Lenny is famous for.

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