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West Stockbridge, officials named in lawsuit filed by owners of mobile-home park

The town states that it is prepared to defend the decision of the Rent Control Board.

TV in the time of coronavirus

CoronaTime offers the opportunity to appreciate the best of the great work our actors and writers and directors and editors and all the vital members of the crew bring to life.

The End of Life Options Act would make possible physician aid-in-dying

In a letter to the editor, Deborah Golden Alecson writes, "Massachusetts is closer than ever to passing the End of Life Options Act (H.1926/S.1208) that is currently being considered by the Joint Committee on Public Health."

Celebrate Construct: A summer evening for kids of all ages

There will be something for everyone starting with games and entertainment for the kids, and four bands onstage ending with a spectacular fireworks.

Here comes the ‘Boozemobile,’ one liquor store’s response to a changing marketplace

Successful businesses are always on the hunt for growth opportunities, and package stores are no exception. But the stores face competitive threats that were hard to imagine only 15 years ago.

Alan Chartock: We have a right to die with dignity

It seems absurd that we will have to use our collective might to lobby the legislature and the governor to give us the right to die. I have seen polls on the issue where support for an individual’s right to die with dignity is overwhelming.

Cheryl Ann Luft, 64, of Southfield

She was an avid photographer, bird watcher, dog lover and first responder volunteer. Her business CalmLightNow Photography created art and greeting cards that featured her love of nature and photography.

Opening the weedgates: What will the recreational marijuana industry mean for Berkshire County?

If all applicants and interested parties are eventually approved, there could be as many as five cannabis outlets in and around Great Barrington.

Fall Festival of Shakespeare celebrates 30 years

Students have the opportunity to develop skills in stage combat, performance aesthetics, dance, technical theater, costuming, stage management, marketing and publicity during the Fall Festival experience.

FILM REVIEW: 90 minutes in the woods with ‘Leave No Trace’

My selfish wish is that Granik worked a little faster; she’s released only four movies in fourteen years, and these days I’m hungry for artists who focus on the heart.

High times for Great Barrington? Pot shop proposals proliferate

After the planning board crafted a set of zoning regulations to deal with pot earlier this year, the selectboard reviewed them and most thought the regulations were a bit too lax since they would allow cultivation by-right in too many zones.

‘Living While Dying,’ Cathy Zheutlin’s film explores end of life

By keeping our distance from death, cloaking it, hiding our eyes from it, we actually lose touch with a sacred phase of life. Because, as we all know, death is a part of life—for all of us.” -- filmmaker Cathy Zheutlin

Self-Taught Gardener: It takes a village

Each element is set before you to change your pace, or cause you to look up at a view, or to simply give you pause to notice a fern, some artfully laid stonework, or to stop and hear the sound of the world around you.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘daddy closet’ by CD Nelsen

The chapbook is a brilliant work of art in its way of revealing how seemingly fleeting events in our lives can have enormous impact on memory, leaving lasting impressions in spite of or because of the careless actions of others.

Asia Barong: Bill Talbot’s Pan Asiatic art emporium, largest in America

Talbot built up what would become the largest inventory of Pan Asiatic art, and the largest Asian Art Megastore in America.

LEONARD QUART: A liberal, progressive city with a racist past

No city or region, no matter how ostensibly liberal, is without its racist past and contemporary racial problems and ironies.

EYES TO THE SKY: Williams College astronomer prepares for solar eclipse

The upcoming eclipse will be the first to span the United States from coast to coast in 99 years.

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