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THEATER REVIEW: ‘2.5 Minute Ride’ plays at Hartford Stage through June 23

I don’t always recommend solo performances, but this one is that rare exception. It is a must see!

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Dopesick’ is a personal look at the opioid epidemic

“Dopesick” is about a drug that was sold as non-addictive, but is so incredibly addictive it is almost impossible to kick. It kills more Americans than the wars we are fighting.

Bits & Bytes: Jackie Wang at Simon’s Rock; ‘Reviving Our Hearts for Justice’; oral history workshops; opioid panel at Williams

'Reviving Our Hearts for Justice: An Interfaith Call to Action' seeks to revive people’s spirits for the work of social justice in the Berkshires and beyond.

An integrated solution to pain management and the opioid crisis

The new law does not currently specify acupuncture or any other particular form of pain management, but rather a “broad spectrum” of therapies that can include yoga, massage, diet, nutrition, and mindfulness, just to name a few others.

Addiction in the Berkshires, Sara’s story: Chapter 4, recovery

"I think a second chance is the greatest gift you can give. I still remember and am forever grateful for the people who gave me a couch to sleep on or a ride or anything when I was on the streets."

Addiction in the Berkshires, Sara’s story: Chapter 3

I was needing to use constantly. I had just left the clinic, and so now I had even more of a habit because I had the heroin on top of the methadone. I was sick every two hours around the clock.

Addiction in the Berkshires: Sara’s story, chapter 2

"I’ve been with several people while they overdosed, and rescue breathing worked. I can think of five: three times in a car, two times in a house. Three are dead now."

Addiction in the Berkshires, Chapter 1: Sara’s story

"When I was younger, I was an A student, in the 98th percentile on all the tests. I did ballet. You wouldn’t have thought I would end up the way I did. All my teachers thought I had a lot of promise and would do well in life."


Clearly we have a problem with addiction in this country, but we also have a problem with pain management. Living in constant pain can destroy a person.

Warren electrifies Mahaiwe crowd, but questioners get few specifics

The Warren campaign estimated more than 1,000 people attended the rally, including those at the packed Mahaiwe and the overflow crowd that could not be admitted to the 700-seat theater.

News Brief: Senate passes CARE Act

The CARE Act is the result of extensive work researching evidence-based best practices and collaborating with healthcare researchers and clinicians, hospitals, behavioral health providers, law enforcement officials, patient advocates, and individuals with lived experience to develop policies to address the opioid epidemic.

News Briefs: Mass. Senate approves funding for opioid prevention services; Mass. Senate provides funding for Berkshire FLYER; Mass. Senate to review small bridge repair...

The Massachusetts Senate has adopted Hinds' amendments to the fiscal year 2019 state budget to continue the efforts of the Berkshire FLYER Working Group to ensure a pilot train service connecting New York City to the Berkshires launches no later than 2020.

Beyond addiction: Coalition offers training program for parents of teens at risk

The Railroad Street Youth Project’s South Berkshire Community Health Coalition is partnering with the Center for Motivation and Change in New Marlborough on a three-part training for parents who are concerned about their child’s drug and/or alcohol use.

ORANGE ALERT: The (almost) daily outrage

More than two hundred thousand people in the United States have died from overdoses of OxyContin.

News Briefs: Bill to study Boston-to-Berkshires rail service; Opioid-related death rate falls

This is the third consecutive quarterly report in which the number of estimated and confirmed opioid-related deaths has declined.

News Brief: Dems seek insurance companies’ assistance to better address opioid crisis

Reps. Richard Neal and Frank Pallone Jr. sent a letter to 14 insurance companies asking for details regarding the challenges plans face and their efforts to address the epidemic.

News Brief: Pignatelli urges real legislative action on opioid epidemic

' ... we cannot wait for studies and commissions to repeat findings of scientific literature that already exist when we could be actively utilizing effective research-based tools to decrease the circulation of prescription opiates in the market and improve the scope of substance abuse treatments in our communities.' --Rep William 'Smitty' Pignatelli, D-Lenox

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