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CONNECTIONS: Baldwin’s in West Stockbridge marches on

The Civil War had created pent-up demand for goods, and there was Baldwin’s. Folks all over the North and South were glad to see the war ending and new businesses starting up.

THEATRE REVIEW: ‘What the Constitution Means to Me,’ an inspired message for our time

This play made me wish our education system still fostered the art of rigorous, respectful debate.

Smoke Signals from The Swamp: Carter Page

Like many of our protagonists, Carter Page's story keeps changing. He didn’t meet with Russians. He did meet with Russians. Nothing happened. Or maybe something did happen.

Smoke signals from The Swamp: F.O.R. – Part I: Tillerson & ExxonMobil

I’m not going to be the one to tell you Russia picked Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. But the combined intelligence services of our government will.

LEONARD QUART: Taking solace in the daily

There also seems to be no point railing against the daily dose of lies and exaggerations from our Blusterer-in Chief, for his base cares little or nothing about his character. 

ORANGE ALERT: The (almost) daily outrage

Trump signed a directive that will effectively halt an Obama-era Labor Department rule that requires brokers to act in a client’s best interest, rather than seek the highest profits for themselves.

Horror stories: War correspondent’s ‘Dispatches from Syria’

The Paris-based Middle East editor of Newsweek, Janine di Giovanni has written about atrocities of war from the civilian perspective. She gave a reading from “Dispatches from Syria” at Griffin in Great Barrington on Wednesday (December 28).

Lulu ‘n’ Hershey

The latest dispatch from Lulu and Hershey about Donald Trump on the presidential campaign trail.

OVER THE EDGE: ‘The Debate’

The McAllister Debates have continued to examine the important issues of the day with depth, detail and dimension. Sponsored by Swifty Lube, the largest oil change chain in the Northeastern United States. Need to get lubed in a hurry? It’s Swifty Lube!

OVER THE BORDER: Cacti and politics

"This is about justice. We have a responsibility to both nature and people. As a bridge to the community, we are paying attention to what’s going on in Mexico and in the world. -- Mario Hernandez, director of the El Charco del Ingenio botanical garden in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

EDGEWISE: Charlie Baker comes to town

I have to say that my heart sank when I heard Baker begin his reply to the question by saying that he believes “pipeline capacity needs to be expanded to bring natural gas from Pennsylvania into our state.”

Don Berwick best Democratic candidate for Massachusetts governor

Don Berwick is the only gubernatorial candidate 'with a resume of such great executive experience and accomplishment.' -- Fred and Elaine Panitz, Sheffield

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