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THE OTHER SIDE: The Supremes

Born to segregated white America, it was no wonder that for so many weaned on 1950s "Father Knows Best" delusions, The Supremes, with the words of Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland, and Edward Jr. Holland, offered a far more accurate assessment of what life was really like.

No Hong Kong, GB

With all due respect, small ideas aren’t going to cut it. Replacing single-use plastic bags from our supermarkets and replacing them with paper bags from desperately needed trees just makes some people feel better.

BOOK REVIEW: Michael Waldman offers a critical lesson about the struggle over the meaning of ‘The Second Amendment’

As increasing numbers of our friends and neighbors and children die at the hands of those who wield weapons of war, Waldman offers a wise and unfortunately essential look at how we got here.

Alan Chartock: Our insane gun culture

The point is that the gun does terrible things but is also representative of the inequality that exists in America.

Mass Shootings: The most obvious manifestation of a much larger problem

It would appear to be quite sensible to regulate guns as we regulate autos and their drivers ... and it would seem quite reasonable to require guns to be insured, at least for liabilities.

“It’s not just opinions flying around the room”: The Berkshire Conversation Project considers gun violence

One local group of about a dozen people has started a conversation about guns by learning how not to interrupt each other.

Francis ‘Frank’ Badurski, 61, of Great Barrington

He was a machine operator for many years at the former Rising Paper Company.

Stand up for human decency: Vote Democratic

Closer to home we have a Republican governor – with no vision for Massachusetts other than using us as a base to run for president next year – who continues to con regular folks with a smile and a shoe shine while protecting the wealthy from having to pay their fair share in taxes.

Smoke Signals from the Swamp: The Russians and more Russians

Thanks to special counsel Mueller’s July 13, 2018, indictment of 12 Russian military intelligence officers, we’ve learned in excruciating detail about the extensive hacking of the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and cyberattacks on the boards of elections of various states, and companies that supply software and other technology related to the administration of U.S. elections.

News Briefs: RMV plate lottery; Rhodes ad focuses on gun safety

Althea Brennan, a junior at Chatham High School who is featured in the new Gareth Rhodes campaign ad, helped lead her school’s walkout to protest the lack of gun safety reform.

BCD joins national student walkout calling for strict gun controls, safer schools

Thousands of students nationwide are protesting the epidemic of school shootings. Gun violence in schools and the slaughter of school children has become a weekly affair. So far in 2018 there have been 20 school shootings, an average of 1.25 per week.

Simon’s Rock students march for safety, joining national student walkout

One-fourth of the Simon’s Rock student body joined the national student protest for increased gun control. “It’s really inspiring to see these students get involved in what is happening in the world and in their community,” said Selectman Ed Abrahams, who attended the protest. “Our country and our community need this energy, this involvement."

BCD to participate in National Day of Action against gun violence

BCD students invite neighbors, siblings, friends, and other students they may know and who may be available, especially with the public school vacation week, to meet them at Lilac Park and share in the event.

EDGECAST VIDEO: March for Our Lives in New York City

Ben Hillman recorded this video of the March 24 March for our Lives in New York City, one of hundreds of such marches nationwide prompted by the February 14 slaughter of 17 high school students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. During the marches hundreds of thousands expressed their outrage at the prevalence of guns, assault weapons, gun violence, and the cowardice of Congress in not enacting gun control measures to keep our children safe.

For the Students (and All) Who March Against Gun Violence

A deadly silence has been living too long in the corridors of power.

Hundreds in Berkshire County join nationwide #MarchForOurLives protest calling for end to gun violence

"Let's keep the heat on the NRA ... don't let the NRA make this about mental health. This is about guns." -- Christopher Biernacki, a mental-health professional at Berkshire Medical Center, a veteran and former police officer

Arming teachers: South County educators slam Trump proposal

"I think the best way to ensure safety is around building relationships and making sure kids are known and connected to multiple adults.” --Peter Dillon, Berkshire Hille Regional School District superintendent

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