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BUSINESS MONDAY: Spotlight on New Marlborough Meeting House—”preserving history, celebrating cultural creativity”

Almost two hundred years later, the Meeting House is still celebrated as a sacred space vibrant with programming to serve the local and surrounding communities.

REVIEW: Shake & Co.’s ‘Time Stands Still’ a solid, poignant production

“Time Stands Still” drills down to what’s most important in life. Nicole Ricciardi directs with an invisible, assured hand.

Three Shakespeare comedies highlight Shakespeare & Company’s 2019 season

“The strings of the heart” is artistic director Allyn Burrows’ concept theme for the summer and he has chosen a quartet of very contemporary plays to flesh out the idea.

THEATRE REVIEW: Shakespeare & Company’s ‘Creditors’ is a perfect piece of dramatic theater

Strindberg was way ahead of his time in probing the psychological recesses of adult relationships.

THEATRE REVIEW: Shakespeare & Company’s difficult ‘Creditors’ provokes chilling reality

Realism truly sinks its teeth into subject matter here and, if you find the ending hard to take, well, I think you're supposed to.

PREVIEW: Art will surely imitate Strindberg’s life in ‘Creditors’

The play explores one of Strindberg's other favorite themes: the question of the viability of marriage as an institution. The ending isn't a happy one. I'll leave it at that.

PREVIEW: Delight, deceit and desire at Shakespeare & Company’s 2018 season

The company is offering a 40 percent discount on tickets to full-time, year-round residents of Berkshire County.

THEATRE REVIEW: Amy Herzog’s ‘4000 Miles’ at Shake & Co. is a gem

“4000 Miles” is a little gem that gently reminds us that it’s possible to make connection small and large for life to have meaning. Herzog tells that through old-fashioned basics like real characters and solid storytelling.

THEATRE REVIEW: ‘4000 Miles’ — critical people criticizing at Shake&Co

Talented people are at work here. They make the everyday interesting and the fascinating obsessive.

Bits & Bytes: Four Freedoms Forum; ‘The Happy Film;’ ‘4000 Miles;’ ‘Summer in Spencertown’

“4000 Miles” features award-winning actress Annette Miller and Shakespeare & Company member Gregory Boover along with Zoë Laiz and Company newcomer Emma Geer.

REVIEW: ‘The Taming,’ incisive satire of American politics, opens Shakespeare & Co. season

I cannot recall having such a good time with a political diatribe in my long and involved life, not even when working, years and years ago, for Bella Abzug. back in New York City.

PREVIEW: At Shakespeare & Co. ‘The Taming’ is funny and brave

This year, in the midst of one of the most surprising and disturbing presidential election seasons ever recorded, Lauren Gunderson’s “The Taming” is a brilliant Red State/Blue State romp.

Bits & Bytes: MASSGathering; ‘The Taming’ at Shakespeare & Co.; Lenox Rhubarb Festival; ‘As Was and As Is;’ EPA Brownfields assessment and clean-up funds

The Rhubard Festival will feature a rhubarb chili contest among Lenox restaurant chefs, an assortment of sweet and savory rhubarb creations from local bakers, and a Rhubarb Shop Walk.

Preview: Shakespeare & Company to open season with “The How and the Why”

As “The How and the Why” says, the point is that the human race “moves forward only when the fool of this generation goes beyond the genius of the last.”

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