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CAPITAL IDEAS: Is the stock market riding on the outcome of the presidential election?

Even though it often feels like everything is riding on the outcome of the election, history reminds us that, over the long term, election results have not driven market results.

Healing in Sheffield: Residents gather to mourn violent deaths of last week

"We gather because this week has been too much to bear. Regardless of the circumstances of these events both near and far, these horrors have left families, friends, and neighbors in our world stunned and in shock." -- Rev. Erik Karas, of Christ Trinity Church

Ellen Jo Greendale, 64, of Stockbridge

She became a member of the Berkshire Botanical Garden and the Lenox Garden Club. She became a very active member of the boards of both and served as the president of the Garden Club.

John D.W. Kingston, 85, of Stockbridge, teacher of design at Simon’s Rock  

He was an artist to his last days, painting and drawing to the end.  John left us with a treasure of journals, sculpture, drawings, paintings and countless other arts, crafts and projects.

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