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Kate Lascar of Berkshire Property Agents offers one of Great Barrington’s classic Victorian beauties in immaculate condition. An analysis of first quarter 2024 real estate sales. Architect Pamela Sandler transforms a dark, compartmentalized condo into a light, bright and open home. Plus, recent sales, gardening columns and more.

Alan Chartock: New York Legislature for sale

As for the legislators who have suggested that they are progressive and willing to do the right thing, we all know that the last thing they want is to make the system that has worked for THEM any fairer.

Alan Chartock: Politics as a self-protection racket

These Democratic folks have to be thinking that if you change the rules on voting, they may get kicked out, let’s say by the new progressives.

Alan Chartock: Cuomo cultivates dichotomy about cannabis

The more I saw of the emerging fight with the Legislature, the more I thought that this was very-clever Andrew saying that he was for legalization but really being the old middle-of-the-road-Democrat Andrew who was actually opposed.

Alan Chartock: Decriminalizing ‘sex work’

At a time when Democrats are likely to continue to control the U.S. House of Representatives and maintain control of the New York State Legislature, there is an opportunity to proceed with at least the decriminalization of sex work.

Alan Chartock: Legal bribery in New York Legislature

So if a judge declares that the so-called commission exceeded its authority to set limits on outside income and the commission didn’t have the right to take their lulus away, will Boss Heastie and his counterparts in the Senate have to give their newly elevated salaries back?

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