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PETER MOST: Up in smoke

Two things are becoming increasingly clear. One, based on the facts and law, it is downright dopey for Great Barrington not to settle in its Community Impact Fees cases. Two, the town has persistently received bad counsel.

A very stable Leap Day proposal

I’m proposing to the man whom Michelle Obama will not name that he plan “executive time” all day this Saturday - the whole 24 hours - without tweeting once.

BOOK REVIEW: Brave, honest ‘She Said’ a primer in how to uncover painful truths

We owe Kantor and Twohey a debt of gratitude for not wavering in the face of so many obstacles. There’s the completely understandable reluctance of the victims to discuss, and therefore re-experience, their dreadful trauma. There’s the persistent, sometimes diabolical efforts of the perpetrators and accomplices to prevent these stories from being told, to smear and intimidate victims and investigators alike.

PREVIEW: Berkshire International Film Festival 2018 — 80 films from 27 countries in 4 days

I am still interested in the documentaries from war-torn areas of our globe and dramas of family strife, but there also needs to be some relief — some comic relief — and I think this festival successfully provides both.

Lulu ‘n’ Hershey

Lulu and Hershey are hot. The New York magazines are really on to their coffeehouse, Cafe Perspectivo, and its staff. The latest is New York magazine, that features barista and baker Jean-Michel on its cover, in an article about 'eco-patisserie.'

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