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CONNECTIONS: Baldwin’s in West Stockbridge marches on

The Civil War had created pent-up demand for goods, and there was Baldwin’s. Folks all over the North and South were glad to see the war ending and new businesses starting up.

LEONARD QUART: A bus ride and Trump

For Trump, lying is like breathing — it’s instinctive and devoid of shame or guilt.

2019 Berkshire International Film Festival ‘the best year yet’

Great Barrington -- “This will be the best year yet,” Kelley Vickery, founder and artistic director of the Berkshire International Film Festival, stated during her...

REVIEW: New York Film Festival, Part 2

What I can speak about with great enthusiasm are two excellent documentaries that were part of the festival but not included in the main slate: one about perhaps the greatest filmmaker of them all, Ingmar Bergman; the other about the extraordinary earliest woman director, Alice Guy-Blache.

REVIEW: New York Film Festival, Part 1

The great French film industry has also given us this year the smartest film around, Assayas' “Non-Fiction,” so very French with its focus on art and literature and a touch of politics.

REVIEW: 55th New York Film Festival, Part II

"Lady Bird" is the debut feature film by actress Greta Gerwig, known especially as the lead in Noah Baumbach's recent films. It's a girl's coming-of-age movie, a genre as rare as hens' teeth. Baumbach's latest film, 'The Meyerowitz Stories,' was also featured in the festival.

REVIEW: 55th annual New York Film Festival, Part I: The work of remarkable women

For me Anges Varda’s ‘Faces Places’ is very appealing and worth the effort of a trip to the city to see, if it doesn't show up at the Triplex.

Part II: New York Film Festival features women directors, women’s stories

A number of the very best films were made by women directors (though still far fewer than is fair or than one would wish) and numerous films are centered on complicated and arresting women characters.

FILM REVIEW: 54th annual New York Film Festival

I am grateful to report that this year not a single big slick manipulative commercial blockbuster movie was included.

Part II: New York Film Festival, where non-Hollywood work stole the show

Hollywood films in the festival are strategically created, with an eye on the Oscars and the box office; what satisfies my soul are films where imagination needs no help from hi-tech, 3D or any other mechanical source.

Part I: New York Film Festival: Notable for vertiginous opener, Highsmith adaptation  

In "Carol," Cate Blanchett with her dazzling good looks, intensely blonde hair, beautiful clothes of breathtaking colors, creates a gloriously striking presence. The young department store sales clerk played by Rooney Mara is riveted by her and so are we.

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