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THE OTHER SIDE: The king is not dead — not really

Well, in one fell swoop, the new conservative majority—it might be more accurate to call them the new MAGA majority—betrayed originalism and textualism.

LEONARD QUART: Embracing a city in purgatory

However, though I am not an optimist by nature, I know once the plague ceases, life in the city will be irreparably changed.

The Self-Taught Gardener: Love in the time of corona

At a time when connections count, our Self-Taught Gardener Lee Buttala advises us to try Nature.

In the market for food: An entrepreneur prospers through the pandemic

Widener had already started a delivery business, the Berkshire Valet, and last year launched its MealGopher unit, which delivered meals from area restaurants to boarding school students in Berkshire County and Litchfield County, Connecticut.

CONNECTIONS: Listen to facts; don’t panic

The government made a hard situation harder. Even now as the cases and the consequences multiply, the federal government still may not be doing all it can.

Great Barrington Selectboard members clarify guidelines for visitors during COVID-19 contagion

We are concerned for the welfare of year-round residents AND second-home owners. More people arriving here, especially from an area where the likelihood of illness is high, is not good for the people arriving or the people already here.

I Publius: Welcome the visitors in our midst

The dark side of this story, and it seems that there is always a dark side, is that some people are getting antsy about the new folks who are arriving.

14-day quarantine urged for GB second homeowners and renters coming from high-risk COVID-19 regions

"We​'​​re​ concerned for the health of all of our town residents, whether they live here full-time, on weekends or for the summer." - town manager Mark Pruhenski

LEONARD QUART: Living with the plague

For the moment, I am thinking of how the country will deal with the agony of the present.

CONNECTIONS: James VanDerZee of Lenox, photographer of Harlem Renaissance

“Harlem on My Mind” was a retrospective about the Harlem Renaissance. Someone suggested the Met archivist ask VanDerZee if he had any photographs.

A dispatch from lovely Mexico, where officials were slow to react to COVID-19

While cases were adding up at BMC and shelves were being emptied at our local stores, Sayulita had dances on the plaza, populated beaches with margaritas flowing and vacationing tourists doing what they do unimpeded. It had been very difficult to reconcile these two worlds.

Dr. David K. Kanter, 82, of Lenox

He served his patients, who came to his Teaneck office from all over the New York City metropolitan area, until retiring in 2003 and returning to live in his beloved Berkshires.

Best-selling author Sue Miller, novelist Patricia Park, and literary magazine editor Dayna Tortorici are the 2020 Edith Wharton Writers-in-Residence

While the extended conversation, “Writers in the House,” has been cancelled, settle in here for an insightful look at how contemporary writers are looking at and responding to Edith Wharton’s legacy. 

Margaret Loga, 94, of Lenox

She enjoyed spending time with family and friends, and she enjoyed managing the employee appreciation program at Kimball Farms.

Alan Chartock: Passing the coronavirus buck

This all proves that when something as dangerous as COVID-19 comes along, politics begin to resemble an octopus with tentacles reaching all over the place.

Bits & Bytes: ‘The Story of Plastic’; Comedy at the Plaza; Dwyer at NYC book fair; ‘Bring It On’ at Miss Hall’s

BIFF to screen ‘The Story of Plastic’ Great Barrington -- The Berkshire International Film Festival will present the documentary film “The Story of Plastic” Sunday,...

LEONARD QUART: ‘Sorry We Missed You’ is Ken Loach’s version of the gig economy

Loach is one of the few directors who makes films depicting working class characters confronting oppressive labor conditions as well as indifferent unions and callous government bureaucracies.

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