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Monument Valley Road Construction Begins Week of 6/17

During the week the road will be limited to local traffic only between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Learning with a lizard

One of the few upsides of this enforced sabbatical is that you just might trust your inner voice a bit more than you used to.

LEONARD QUART: ‘Unorthodox’ — a moving Netflix series

The series reminds us in a scene where the group goes bathing in Lake Wannasee that in a villa on the Lake’s other side in 1942 senior Nazi officials met to plan the Final Solution to the “Jewish question.”

REVIEW: New York Film Festival 2019, Part 1

Another film made by a young and talented director to watch for in the future is “Fire will Come” by Olivier Laxe, a wonderfully made Spanish film, beautiful to look at but also enigmatic, shot in a gorgeous mountain area where the love of nature is evident in every frame.

‘Friends for Life’: Teens in crisis and the healing power of friendship

“I think some people can acknowledge depression and talk about it. But for some people, they don't even know what's going on. And they’re having all these symptoms, but they don't know what it’s from, and they feel like no one else is feeling like they are." -- Miranda Hastings

FilmColumbia: 2018 festival awash with tempting films, honors actor Brian Cox

Is there a theme this year? Well, no—Biskind is “going for the best films I can get.” And looking at the program this year, he has done just that.

REVIEW: New York Film Festival, Part 2

What I can speak about with great enthusiasm are two excellent documentaries that were part of the festival but not included in the main slate: one about perhaps the greatest filmmaker of them all, Ingmar Bergman; the other about the extraordinary earliest woman director, Alice Guy-Blache.

Good until further notice

We seemed to have re-entered the age of "caveat emptor": Let the buyer beware. This time, we have to pay for the privilege.

Bits & Bytes: Berkshire Earth Expo; ‘Embrace Your Voice’ at Stockbridge Library; Wildflower Festival; ‘Chasing Coral’ at the Moviehouse; Girls’ empowerment concert

The “Embrace Your Voice, Reclaim Your Power: Changing the Dialogue Surrounding Sexual Assault” series will provide the community with an opportunity to talk about and understand sexual violence.

Repeal of ‘net neutrality’: What are the implications for the Berkshires?

The opinion of Berkshire County experts ranges from skepticism to staunch opposition to the repeal of net neutrality, which is the principle that internet service providers must treat all data on the internet in the same manner and not charge different rates based content or platform.

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