Monday, June 17, 2024

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Part 2: Biden or Trump and the Nonprofit Sector NGOs, international nonprofits and social service agencies

The author makes an impassioned case for the nonprofit sector to recognize the dire outcome of another Trump term and to take action.

EYES TO THE SKY: Crescent-phase Venus gift of amateur astronomer; Lyrid meteor shower

I looked up toward the sun in the clear sky and was baffled for a moment. I thought, “How can we see Venus in broad daylight?”

EYES TO THE SKY: Spring star Arcturus, planet Jupiter, full Egg Moon, more NEAF

You’ll know Arcturus by remembering to “arc to Arcturus” – simply follow the curve of the Dipper’s handle until you arrive at a big, orange star, the second brightest star in northern skies, second only to Sirius the Dog Star.

EYES TO THE SKY: Vernal equinox, Mercury at dusk, NEAF

On this, the vernal equinox, let’s pause together to notice sunrise due east on the horizon and the higher arc our star draws as it climbs and then descends to its due west position on the skyline.

EYES TO THE SKY: Chasing North America’s upcoming solar eclipse

I had a chance encounter with another luminary, Joe Rao, and learned up close about how fervent astronomy enthusiasts are when strategizing to assure a spot from which to see a solar eclipse.

EYES TO THE SKY: NEAF – astronomy enthusiasts’ oasis

Clyde Tombaugh, the astronomer who discovered Pluto in 1930, will be remembered in a NEAF presentation by his children, Alden and Annette Tombaugh.

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