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It seems this week has all the important gardening tasks scheduled for early morning.

Heat pumps: The thrifty, carbon-neutral way to heat — and cool — your house

In New England, we have pretty green fuel sources so, between that and the energy efficiency of the heat pumps themselves, heating with heat pumps in New England generates less carbon than oil, propane or natural gas.

Class action lawsuit acuses utilities Eversource, Avangrid of bilking customers out of $3.6 billion

According to this lawsuit, the utilities’ “abusive” behavior constitutes the largest energy market manipulation scheme since the Enron scandal.

500,000 gallons of contaminated water produced while testing Sandisfield pipeline; decontamination fails

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. was left with highly contaminated water that the company had not expected – and a big disposal problem.

Utilities manipulated natural gas supplies, causing artificial shortages, soaring energy prices, study finds

New England ratepayers paid $3.6 billion more for electricity due to capacity withholding. The utilities appear to have had an additional motive for withholding gas. Not only did the practice raise rivals’ costs in the electric generation market, but the artificially created gas shortages and high energy prices also lent credibility to the arguments for natural gas pipelines.

EdgeCast Video: Sandisfield pipeline, the flotilla protest

The gas giant Kinder Morgan had just sucked half a million gallons of water from this state-protected pond to flush out their pipes.

Forming human barricade, 10 pipeline protesters arrested in Otis State Forest

The action hindered access to work zones for employees, and, for a short time, it disrupted ongoing pipeline construction.

Northeast Direct gas pipeline reborn? Will Kinder Morgan’s Open Season lead to ‘NED Lite’?

The hazy nature of the notice coupled with the confidentiality agreement may evidence Kinder Morgan’s wish to delay, as long as possible, the public outcry that previously helped sink the NED project.

State looked the other way as chainsaws make way for pipeline in protected forest

So where were the Massachusetts officials who could have negotiated with Connecticut to save Otis State Forest because the gas wasn’t really needed after all?

Peaceful protesters rally in Otis State Forest pipeline protest

Dozens of State Police troopers and private security guards hired by Tennessee Gas Pipeline, a subsidiary of energy giant Kinder Morgan, stood watch.

Appeals court delays Otis State Forest pipeline project

On March 15, the Court held that the Natural Gas Act does not allow pipeline companies to leapfrog over state administrative procedures in order to expedite their projects. This is the first time a federal Circuit Court has interpreted the relevant language in the Natural Gas Act.

News Brief: Pipeline cost balloons to double original price tag

The $3.2 billion pipeline construction cost, cited frequently by the proponents, excludes other significant costs such as operations, maintenance, depreciation and return on equity, making the full cost $6.6 billion.

The people vs. FERC: Where is the oversight of gas pipeline risks?

“Trump doesn’t like to lose. If he doesn’t make renewables a priority, he will lose to the countries that are working to be clean energy leaders.” -- Maya van Rossum, head of Delaware Riverkeeper Network

Sandisfield pipeline spawns water quality battles on three fronts, potentially delaying the project

In their legal filing to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection the complaint of the Citizens alleges that “the proposed pipeline would permanently degrade and impair water uses and quality for waters located at the heart of [8,500 acres] of interconnected, valuable open space.”

Supreme Judicial Court strikes down natural gas pipeline tariff

“The Court’s decision makes clear that if pipeline developers want to build new projects in this state, they will need to find a source of financing other than electric ratepayers’ wallets.” -- Attorney General Maura Healey

Tennessee Gas pipeline begins work; surveyors chart path through forest

The company has reneged on promises to compensate Sandisfield — population around 800 -- for wear and tear on roads and bridges, as well as $30,000 in legal fees.

How much will Kinder Morgan pay? Pipeline compensation hearing next week

Kinder Morgan is backpedaling on assurances to Sandisfield that it would pay roughly $1 million to cover road and other infrastructure damage and pay the $30,000 in legal bills the town racked up negotiating with company attorneys.

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