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You will find more than just coffee beans at Jake’s Java in Lanesborough

The new coffee shop pays homage to a local, fallen hero and his crewmates.

Alan Chartock: Let the listeners decide

On the other hand, Cuomo’s press conferences are so brilliant that there is nothing Trump can do unless you see his striking out at Cuomo as effective.

PREVIEW: Aretha, ‘Amazing Grace’ at Tanglewood’s Linde Center

It's hard to say why so many people with an affinity for neither the gospel nor gospel music weep when they listen to Aretha sing the gospel classics, but Mick Jagger could probably explain it, because he was present at the 1972 recording session for "Amazing Grace."

Family of Sheffield’s Samya Stumo files lawsuit against aircraft manufacturer Boeing

At a news conference yesterday in Chicago, where Boeing is headquartered, lawyers for Stumo's parents, Michael Stumo and Nadia Milleron of Sheffield, said the Ethiopian crash "should never have happened" and that "the shortcuts and greed of Boeing and others will be proven in the ensuing lawsuits as well as the utter disregard of the passengers they were to protect that could have avoided this tragic crash."

Caroline Paton, 86, of Sharon, Conn., founder with Sandy Paton and Lee Haggerty of Folk-Legacy Records, now a part of the Smithsonian Institution in...

Over the next 50 years, Caroline and Sandy brought music and joy to thousands through performances, special gatherings, and sales of the traditional and contemporary folk recordings they produced.

NPR’s Cokie Roberts addresses women’s unacknowledged role in American history

“It’s important to understand that this country was founded by both sexes.” -- NPR commentator Cokie Roberts

Connections: Does a ‘warrior mindset’ infect police ranks?

Whom the police protect -- and from whom -- is never as simple as the victims from the criminals. The police role has often been dictated by politics, the economy, and the media. The police are always the guardians of someone; the question is who and who decides.

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