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Celebrate Juneteenth with ‘Black Barbie’

The Netflix documentary directed by Lagueria Davis drops today.

Illuminating the Hidden Forest, Chapter 42: A time of suspension

This is the state we find ourselves in now: a liminal state, where, in the absence of certainty in our present and future lives, we look for what we can count on for stability outside of ourselves.

The Self-Taught Gardener: Barking up the right tree

How does an impatient gardener evolve into a patient observer of the world around him. Lee Buttala, our Self-Taught Gardener, explains.

Illuminating the Hidden Forest, Chapter 27: Found and lost in the woods

When I look around me, I realize that I am surrounded by thicket. The forest is impenetrable, unreadable, and I am lost.

Illuminating the Hidden Forest, Chapter 10: An incandescence of mushrooms

Within minutes, I saw a bright orange flash in my left eye. There, maybe 20 feet away, deep in the ferns, the wavy scalloped shelves of chicken of the woods blazed in the morning sun.

Illuminating the Hidden Forest, Chapter 5: City on a Hill

Oh, no—keep her off my mushroom city. My adored little dog has become a Godzilla threatening Gotham.

The Self-Taught Gardener: Breeders

As winter drags on, Lee Buttala, our Self-Taught Gardener, finds ways to hurry along his hopes for spring.

A wall in Great Barrington gathers more moss — two octopi

A pair of moss octopi have appeared in the shaded alley downtown, and the artist Aurélien de St André has made it a habit to be present on Saturday mornings for those who want to learn more.

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