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When it comes to woody plants, I feel more strongly about protecting them from insects and managing diseases than I do about perennials and annuals.

Illuminating the Hidden Forest, Chapter 18: Mother Tree, now and forever

Right there, under scampering Lily and under me, is a world that I can only imagine, a city under a hill, the brain center of a family of trees.

Illuminating the Hidden Forest, Chapter 1

Lily and I discovered the big, messy, seething forest that lies behind the few houses that dot our road. I’m talking about hundreds of acres of forest connected to thousands and hundreds of thousands of acres of forest stretching northward through Vermont, into Canada, beyond the Yukon, and clear to the North Pole.

2018 Year of the Mushroom: A hot, moist year produces overabundance of delectable fungi

Mushrooms are FASCINATING. AND BIZARRE. There are countless varieties that come in all colors (even blue and purple!), sci-fi shapes and perplexing consistencies (some are essentially slime).

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