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Sheffield recycles

I applaud everyone who is part of Sheffield’s collective commitment to recycling and reuse. In doing so, money is saved, jobs are supported, and our solid-waste footprint is hopefully reduced as smart environmental choices are made daily.

EYES TO THE SKY: Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Moon at dusk. Mars, Mercury dawn

As we approach the very shortest days of the year, the times of both dusk and dawn seem to belong more to daytime than night.

EYES TO THE SKY: Moon guide to evening sky. Welcome Fomalhaut, Orion, Orionid meteors

The Orionid meteor shower, predicted to peak before dawn on Sunday the 21st, is active through November 7. At peak, in a dark location under a moonless sky, a maximum of 15 to 20 shooting stars per hour are predicted.

EYES TO THE SKY: Allure of winter stars, Perigean Full Moon

The largest full moon of 2017, a Perigean Full Moon, popularly known as a supermoon, occurs on Sunday the 3rd of December.

EYES TO THE SKY: Twilight planets, summer stars, waxing moon; midnight meteors

As sunlight fades from Earth’s atmosphere and dusk deepens, the golden light of true star Arcturus, summer’s brightest, comes into view above Jupiter.

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