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I WITNESS: The first annual ‘Profile in Hypocrisy’ award

The courageous understand the risk they take by telling the truth; cowards and hypocrites demonstrate a commitment to deception, even when the deception is both obvious and detrimental to everyone around them.

Marking 225 years at the Southfield Church, a k a the United Church of New Marlborough

Olsen’s ministering to his fellow congregants, often as few as six on any given Sunday, hinges on a refreshingly simple approach: He engages in conversation about faith from every angle while remaining open to the evolution that inevitably comes with time.

Bits & Bytes: Churches address addiction epidemic; community radio documentary; Berkshire Natural History Conference; Arbor Day in New Marlborough; calls for art

The screening of "Outermost Radio" will be co-sponsored by Great Barrington’s community radio station WBCR, which is currently undergoing reconstruction and renewal and seeking studio space from which to resume live broadcasts.

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