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I WITNESS: The first annual ‘Profile in Hypocrisy’ award

The courageous understand the risk they take by telling the truth; cowards and hypocrites demonstrate a commitment to deception, even when the deception is both obvious and detrimental to everyone around them.

REVIEW: Imperfect but enjoyable Molière at Ghent Playhouse

This is not the easiest piece of theater. It is a play every theater lover should get to know. You have an opportunity here.

Review: Molière’s ‘Tartuffe,’ at Hubbard Hall, is a pure delight  

Director John Hadden has delivered a perfectly delectable version. He has obviously had a wonderful time working on this show. He has a handle on this period stuff and it pays off in a big way. It makes the trip to Cambridge, N.Y., worthwhile.

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