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Great Barrington remembers, honors those who served

“Memorial Day is an emotional time,” said co-organizer Elizabeth Shaker. “I know the weather forecast looks bad, but we’re going to keep marching. The veterans did under bad circumstances, and so will we."

Thousands join #BlackLivesMatter demonstration in Great Barrington

Longtime police Chief Bill Walsh told the board his department was an early adopter of the principles enunciated in President Obama's Task Force on 21st Century Policing.

LEONARD QUART: Righteous protests begin to have an effect

Still, I felt that in the absence of any semblance of national leadership, there was a need for more than righteous anger from the protestors.

CONNECTIONS: My hometown is burning

The people on TV keep saying, “We are better than this.” What does that mean? Were we better than this once?

‘Silence’ of GB police ‘cannot go unnoticed’

In a letter to the editor, Mae Whaley writes, "As much as it is necessary for us to stay aware of the overt ways in which police departments across the country are contributing to racism, we cannot allow the constant images and videos of tear gas, rubber bullets and concussion grenades to lower our standards for how we expect our police to behave."

Black Lives Matter rally denounces persistent racism in America

“There is racism in our system of justice and this is the moment to do something about it.” -- Berkshire state Sen. Adam Hinds

EDITORIAL: Amid Washington leadership void and search for racial justice, signs of hope

This fragile and unprecedented period in the nation's history is made worse by an abject lack of leadership in the nation's capital.

All lives matter

In her letter Susan Winston writes: “We need to stand against all racism -- direct and physical as happened to George Floyd or implied and purely “nasty” as perpetrated by our president.”

Hundreds pack Park Square to protest police brutality and racial injustice

"A justice system the public cannot trust to be fair and equitable is a broken system. A complete investigation and commitment to seek justice for George Floyd is only a start in eliminating the bigotry and racism deeply ingrained in our society. The Berkshire District Attorney’s Office reaffirms our commitment to making long-lasting and formidable changes to eliminate bias at every stage of the criminal justice system." —- Berkshire County District Attorney Andrea Harrington

POEM: Reflection

it's our neck it's our knee it's our knee on our neck

The Self-Taught Gardener: Hydrotherapy

Our Self-Taught Gardener Lee Buttala discovers that sometimes the oddest of circumstances can remind us how a landscape can provide solace.

The Self-Taught Gardener: Subzero dreaming

Minus 27 degree temperatures in Minneapolis lead our Self-Taught Gardener Lee Buttala to surprising new sources of gardening inspiration.

The Self-Taught Gardener: Courtly behavior

Our Self-Taught Gardener Lee Buttala can't help but wonder why the U.S. Congress can't learn from the garden, where diversity gets along just fine.

The Self-Taught Gardener: Snow covers

Our Self-Taught Gardener muses about how a persistent snow cover enables exotic plants to grow in unusual northern climes.

The Self-Taught Gardener: The lineup     

The only time plants look good set in tightly spaced rows in the garden is in an allée of trees, or in the vegetable or cutting garden. Or perhaps in Victorian bedding schemes at historic houses.

Business Briefs: Doyle joins CDCSB board; recognition for Berkshire Baby Box; Mad Macs founder completes Goldman-Sachs program; Live United community celebration; financial advisors promoted

Berkshire Baby Box has been selected by the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network as a finalist for the 2017 Nonprofit Excellence Awards for its success as a small nonprofit.

The Self -Taught Gardener: The quiet ones

Learning to take notice of the trees that are not screaming for our attention.

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