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When it comes to woody plants, I feel more strongly about protecting them from insects and managing diseases than I do about perennials and annuals.

Robin’s Candy Shop invests in youthful team members

In a letter to the editor, Robin Helfland writes, "Since opening in 2004, it has been our privilege to work with local students, many of whom experience their first paid employment as members of the Robin's team."

Restaurant workers endure exploitation during winter season

In his letter Peter Tiso writes: "Service workers often earn barely enough to keep a car moving legally at all, let alone enough for the extras that make winter driving safer in our climate."

BerkShares Business of the Month: Swiss Hütte

The Swiss Hütte is a little bit Berkshires and a little bit Hudson Valley—the state line literally runs through the middle of the restaurant.

What’s at stake for millennials in election 2016

In her letter to the editor, Nicki Wilson writes: "Hillary Clinton has a plan whereby the current student loan debt could be refinanced at the current rates available for students taking out new loans. Donald Trump has no real Student Loan Plan."

PROFILE: GOP State Senate candidate Christine Canning-Wilson, a progressive Republican

Christine Canning-Wilson says this is Massachusetts, where Republicans aren’t as hardcore as they are elsewhere. “My social values are very left. I’m very people-oriented. People are people; a soul is a soul.”

Urge Rep. Pignatelli, Sen. Downing to ‘fight for $15’ minimum wage

In her letter to the editor, Samara Klein of Housatonic writes: “Fight for Fifteen -- no one who works full-time for a large, profitable corporation should be paid so little that they cannot make ends meet. “

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