Thursday, May 30, 2024

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When it comes to woody plants, I feel more strongly about protecting them from insects and managing diseases than I do about perennials and annuals.

AMPLIFICATIONS: Freedom of the press in danger

I believe a lot of young people are ignorant as to what we could lose in this land of ours should the Trump conservatives roll back all the protections and programs which so many of us take for granted.

As Stockbridge population declines, reach out to millennials

In a letter John Hart writes: “My suggestion is, like Vermont, we have a marketing campaign to announce what we want… more young folks and families.”

We’ve got 12 years. What can we do?

The loss of life in every conceivable way is truly beyond imagination, and yet that is where we are heading.

Thank you, President Trump

They say a movement starts with a whisper. Well, people are shouting now throughout the world, despite the president and his cronies.

CONNECTIONS: The Age of Millennials

If the millennials are disappointed and angry, they may not be offended by Donald Trump; they may find Bernie Sanders' fist-pounding and impatience copacetic. Sanders’ and Trump’s criticism of what went before may reflect their own opinions.

Lulu ‘n’ Hershey

Can a '80s rocker make it with a millennial band? We'll soon find out, as Hershey plugs in his electric guitar.

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