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I WITNESS: The first annual ‘Profile in Hypocrisy’ award

The courageous understand the risk they take by telling the truth; cowards and hypocrites demonstrate a commitment to deception, even when the deception is both obvious and detrimental to everyone around them.

EYES TO THE SKY: Mars peaks this week: Seek out Mars, now brighter than Jupiter

View Mars from nightfall to first light. It is particularly lovely as it sinks into the hills to the southwest.

EYES TO THE SKY: New Mexico Tech astronomers, Magdalena Ridge Observatory, Near Earth Objects

To the eyes of astronomical researchers and faculty at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, New Mexico, there’s a world of Near-Earth Objects — and occasional Interstellar Objects — between Earth and space.

EYES TO THE SKY: Perseus the Hero in the Milky Way

Perseus evades the casual stargazer and is not well known because the star pattern lacks brilliant stars that create outstanding stick figures like Orion that are visible even in cities.

EYES TO THE SKY: Celestial – and human – companions for long nights ahead

In astronomy circles, there is grave concern that interest in getting to know the night sky is especially low among young people.

EYES TO THE SKY: Tanabata – compelling star festival for all ages

To bring back the Milky Way, which is lost to light and air pollution in most areas, we need Tanabata festivals all over the Earth, times of celebration where the lights are turned down and eyes turned up to the sky.

STAR DATE: ‘How high the moon’

Thanks to Henrietta Leavitt we now know that our Milky Way is just one of billions of galaxies in the universe and how far from us they all are. 

EYES TO THE SKY: Meteors in evening, four planets in morning

Although a modest show is predicted, the Draconids have surprised observers with amazing numbers of shooting stars.

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