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Great Barrington remembers, honors those who served

“Memorial Day is an emotional time,” said co-organizer Elizabeth Shaker. “I know the weather forecast looks bad, but we’re going to keep marching. The veterans did under bad circumstances, and so will we."

A Yankee in Letitia’s court

Beyond learning to avoid moonshine and duck ponds in Tallahassee, I did learn the joys of oysters from Apalachicola and fresh Gulf shrimp.

SUSTAINABLE BERKSHIRES: Beyond the pretty picture: Challenges facing dairy farmers in the Berkshires deepen

May marked the 42nd consecutive month that Northeast farms have earned less for their milk than it costs to produce it. That’s 42 straight months of operating at a loss. The New England dairy farmer may well be an endangered species.

CULINARY ADVENTURES: The Leahey Family, committed to organic dairy farming

The Leahey family has been farming in Lee since 1889 and it seems something of a miracle that this farm has not only survived but is reinventing itself.

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