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Sheffield recycles

I applaud everyone who is part of Sheffield’s collective commitment to recycling and reuse. In doing so, money is saved, jobs are supported, and our solid-waste footprint is hopefully reduced as smart environmental choices are made daily.

Progressive movements conference calls for unity to confront contemporary crises

Emerging social justice movements represent a collective response to compounding crises. The challenge is bringing all of these movements together and maintaining unity among diverse groups working on what are seen as separate issues.

New hope

Just a few hours before the polls closed Tuesday, Nov. 6, a sign of new hope lit up the sky above Queechy Lake.

LEONARD QUART: A momentous election

One result of the election is that the country is even more divided between rural and suburban, big-city America—not so different than Europe where right wing parties have their support in small towns and rural areas outside cities like Warsaw, Berlin and Budapest.

True colors

Heading into yet another important election cycle, the midterms, it’s vital that we as individuals investigate for ourselves what a candidate’s ‘true colors’ might be based not on promises or expressed rhetoric.

Senator Warren’s missed opportunity

In her letter to the editor, Linda Shmulsky writes: "In this case, the political theater played out perfectly on the Mahaiwe stage: energize the base to get volunteers to assist with getting the vote out for the midterm elections — all rhetoric and little substance."

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