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Raymour & Flanigan set to open in former Pittsfield Bed Bath & Beyond storefront

The furniture company has also purchased the entire shopping center, The Shops at Unkamet Brook.

Community radio station sees rebirth, hopes to Kickstart its bank account

The idea is that live programmers will be working in front of the window in much the same fashion as they did in the television show “Northern Exposure” and its fictitious AM station, KBHR.

Fourth annual Fermentation Festival to feature author and fermentation expert Sandor Katz

Over 50 local cultured vendors are slated for this year, including many new ones such as NYrture Food talking about natto (fermented soybeans) and Maple Valley Creamery making special batches of cultured ice creams for the fest (including pickle ice cream!).

Scoby? What’s a scoby? Fermentation comes to the Berkshires

Fermentation is an ancient strategy for food preservation, and brings health benefits and unique flavors. Many fermented foods are so common, they aren’t described as such. Think bread, yogurt, beer, even cheese.


This revival of interest in fermentation is not unique to the Berkshires. Fermentation workshops and festivals are happening all over the country, from Boston to Oregon.

EDGE WISE: What’s in a gift? Considering generosity in the holiday season

Since joining the Generosity Economy, I’ve been spending less money — especially on food and clothing. But I’ve also changed the way I approach purchasing things in general. I think longer before simply buying something new, asking myself, Do I really need this thing? How much is it worth to me? Is this something my community can provide?

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