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Welcome to Real Estate Friday!

Kate Lascar of Berkshire Property Agents offers one of Great Barrington’s classic Victorian beauties in immaculate condition. An analysis of first quarter 2024 real estate sales. Architect Pamela Sandler transforms a dark, compartmentalized condo into a light, bright and open home. Plus, recent sales, gardening columns and more.

More taxable property lowers GB tax rate

"Great Barrrington is the only community in Berkshire County with a large business center that does not employ a split tax rate." --School Committee member Richard Dohoney

Finance Committee challenges school officials to produce credible high school renovation estimates

“It appears to me that they’ve stacked the numbers to make it look as rebuilding the school or simply repairing it would cost the same." -- Finance Committee Chairman Sharon Gregory

Abrahams, Wise win key posts in Great Barrington town elections

Candidates representing support for the policies and direction of the Select Board and Town Manager prevailed over challengers who portrayed Great Barrington as in crisis, proclaiming the town needed “to be taken back.”

Profile: Michael Wise, candidate for Great Barrington Finance Committee

He would like to have a “soup-to-nuts review” of town finances every few years, to see “why they’re doing what they’re doing.”

If all goes according to plan…

In about 10 years Great Barrington should have newly reconfigured water lines and sewer system, bike lanes on all the major roads to offer an alternative to the automobile, a renovated railroad line to the New York Metropolitan Area.

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