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Whose decline is more severe: Joe Biden’s or the news media’s?

The decisive problem right now isn't Joe Biden or the press; it is what is being done to the American people.

CONNECTIONS: James VanDerZee of Lenox, photographer of Harlem Renaissance

“Harlem on My Mind” was a retrospective about the Harlem Renaissance. Someone suggested the Met archivist ask VanDerZee if he had any photographs.

REFLECTIONS: Haunted by a will

Like individuals, countries want to stretch and develop, yet it's not to the advantage of autocratic governments to encourage ambition and education among their people.


In fact, the wing keeps on shifting some of its paintings, which gives museumgoers a chance to see pieces of the immense collection that the Met has been warehousing for years.

Bits & Bytes: James Van Der Zee talk; swing dancing at Dewey Hall; Virtual Dementia Tour; after-school tennis challenge

The virtual tours will enable participants to experience for themselves the physical and mental challenges faced by those with dementia.

CONNECTIONS: Poetry and journalism mingled in William Cullen Bryant

The following year, Bryant was 22 years old. He was living in Great Barrington, working for the town, and practicing law.  He would remain in Great Barrington from 1816 to 1825—out of place and out of sorts.

CONNECTIONS: Culture in the country, culture in the city

The Sketch Club was founded by Berkshire native and Great Barrington attorney William Cullen Bryant. With friends, Bryant transformed the Sketch Club into the Century Association.

LEONARD QUART: Midsummer New York

My encounter is the kind that you could easily have in the city if you ask the right questions, and have the patience to sit and listen closely to another person’s revelations.

LEONARD QUART: A day in Central Park

I like the way the city and Central Park interact — the feeling that one can find both seclusion and peace as well as communal excitement.

Housatonic Valley Art League continues its ‘A Sunday Afternoon With Art’ series

The 1936 movie "Rembrandt" will remind us of how the light of the silver screen is still used to create art.

Housatonic Valley Art League: ‘A Sunday Afternoon With Art’

The Housatonic Valley Art League kicks off a series of curated art films this Sunday, Nov. 26, at 1 p.m.

Work by New York artists Ashley Garrett, Brian Wood at No. Six Depot

Brian Wood and Ashley Garrett, while not unfamiliar with pastoral living, found No. Six Depot as a result of its proximity to their “upstate” studio in Canaan, N.Y.

LEONARD QUART: A New York Sunday

It's also a way of spending some hours not thinking or talking about the monstrous narcissist and sleaze who offers us a compulsive lie and vicious tweet almost every day.

Bits & Bytes: Crescendo concert; CEWM at The Mount; New Marlborough wine tasting; SKYWARN® training class; ‘The Magic of Light’ in South Lee

“Inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Instrument Collection,” sponsored by Close Encounters with Music at The Mount in Lenox on Sunday, November 15.

Bits & Bytes: Whiskey Treaty Roadshow at Shire City Sessions; Emory professor to speak on Ramanujan; Daniel Chester French lecture series launch; Teens’ Short...

Berkshire School senior Carrie Babigian of Sheffield won first place for “Day One,” in the Spencertown Academy Arts Center teens' short story contest.

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