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Celebrate Juneteenth with ‘Black Barbie’

The Netflix documentary directed by Lagueria Davis drops today.

2019 Berkshire International Film Festival ‘the best year yet’

Great Barrington -- “This will be the best year yet,” Kelley Vickery, founder and artistic director of the Berkshire International Film Festival, stated during her...

CONNECTIONS: A question of unintended intent

“Where I disagree is that, sadly, it sounds as if you believe ONLY the man’s intent matters. Equally, it matters how the woman experiences it. So if the man says 'I intended no harm,' that is half the discussion; that doesn’t end the discussion."

CONNECTIONS: Modern witch trials

If you are under 50 and, during your life, rights were ever-expanding and you thought it would be ever so: Did you hear the door slam?

There’s a chill in the air   

There most certainly is a chill in the air. This chill is so pervasive and blowing from so many directions that our impulse is to bundle up, protect ourselves, cover our faces from this stinging wind.

#MeToo, 58 years later

And what do I and others do with our stories? What do we want from our abusers and the institutions that protected them?

REVIEW: Chanteuse Lady Rizo’s ‘Red, White and Indigo’ reinterprets patriotism

Lady Rizo works a song portfolio from Nina Simone to Leonard Cohen with a set of pipes that would make both Janis Joplin and Donna Summer be sure she never opened for them — she’d be too good.

ON FILM: BIFF bears witness to truth, opens with ‘American Animals’

The film was complicated but enriched by actually showing the real students,14 years later, after serving prison time for the consequences of their crime.

PREVIEW: Berkshire International Film Festival 2018 — 80 films from 27 countries in 4 days

I am still interested in the documentaries from war-torn areas of our globe and dramas of family strife, but there also needs to be some relief — some comic relief — and I think this festival successfully provides both.

Smoke Signals from the Swamp: Comey on Comey in ‘A Higher Loyalty’

Critical reviews of “A Higher Loyalty” are easy to find. Instead, I’m going to offer some excerpts many critics have neglected—reminiscences that reveal why James Comey has become the man he is, providing perspective about why he responded the way he did to the Clinton email investigation and the improper demands of Donald Trump.

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