PROFILE: Timothy Lee, Muddy Brook Regional Elementary School principal

“A lot of different needs have come into the building that have been absorbed over a relatively short period of time, and how to accommodate all of theses needs while being as inclusive as possible has been a challenge. We are doing a lot of interesting things here to try and rise to that challenge, and I was really interested in being part of it.”
–Muddy Brook Regional Elementary School principal Timothy Lee

DOE downgrades Berkshire Hills, Southern Berkshire schools for low participation rates in standardized tests

“We are punished over high stakes tests that do not augment our kids’ educations but only give the state more control over local funds. This is all about power and the market forces at play with high stakes testing companies, forces that did not exist before No Child Left Behind [2001].”

— Maria Rundle, Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee member and mother of three students in the New Marlborough Elementary School

In Lenox, no marching band for Memorial Day parades

The rigorous schedule of standardized testing was cited as preventing the Lenox Memorial Middle and High School Band from practicing, and therefore being unprepared for the parades.

“I am sad, I’m disgusted, embarrassed for the town of Lenox. The school should have leadership and teach respect to veterans. This is a civics lesson.”

— State Rep. (and Lenox native) William “Smitty” Pignatelli