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Encore! Billy Collins

Billy Collins is surely the most popular American poet since Robert Frost. We are pleased to offer an encore column of his wonderful work.

THEATRE REVIEW: Mac-Haydn Theatre’s triumphant ‘Ragtime’ showcases masterful storytelling, musical staging

If anyone reading this has any interest in theater at all, as a profession or as an avocation, this is what they should see. This is what all people in this industry should aspire to achieve.

THEATRE REVIEW: Mac-Haydn Theatre’s ‘Sunset Boulevard’ filled with evidence of talent

A lot of fabulous talent is involved and the result is a show that is overly true to its source but not to its original star.

THEATRE REVIEW: Mac-Haydn Theatre’s splendid ‘Curtains’ features high production values, good performers in every role

If I had the time to do it, I'd see this all over again, from the very beginning to the inevitable end—I liked it that much.

THEATRE REVIEW: Mac-Haydn Theatre’s ‘Camelot’ shines mightily with excellent actors, glorious choreography

Just seeing 29 people in large costumes on the postage-stamp circular stage might take your breath away.

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