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REVIEW: Energy to spare — The TMC Orchestra and Shostakovich Fill the Shed with Sound and Drama

Despite its year-to-year changing membership, this orchestra is reliably distinguished by energy, enthusiasm, and responsiveness, along with technical polish and precision.

Great Barrington Master Plan anticipated infrastructure upgrades

The town’s Master Plan recommended that bridge repairs be prioritized in the town’s five-year capital improvement plans. The town has taken action about its deficient bridges in priority order as the Plan recommended.

It’s not that simple: Low density development, an idea whose time may have passed?

By allowing more uses on fewer acres of land we can support more people on the same limited footprint while lowering housing costs and business start-up costs.

Profile: Michael Wise, candidate for Great Barrington Finance Committee

He would like to have a “soup-to-nuts review” of town finances every few years, to see “why they’re doing what they’re doing.”

If all goes according to plan…

In about 10 years Great Barrington should have newly reconfigured water lines and sewer system, bike lanes on all the major roads to offer an alternative to the automobile, a renovated railroad line to the New York Metropolitan Area.

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