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Inside The Dream Away Lodge on opening night

“I think there's so many people who meet here and end up falling in love,” says Dan Giddings, new partner at the legendary establishment. Friendships start here, he says.

CONNECTIONS: Feme covert, feme sole

Mostly a wife was protected from having any rights at all. The wife’s opinions and desires were not considered — “the perfect marriage was one mind and two bodies.”

Interview with Hester Velmans, author of ‘Slipper,’ a fairy tale with a message

"That’s the thing that I wanted to twist on its head: that marriage equals happily ever after. But that’s what we dream of." -- Hester Velmans

BOB GRAY: Contender

I told my fiancé my plans. She gave me an ultimatum: rope ring or gold ring.

CONNECTIONS: Coded messages

In the 19th century, the rules and rituals of courtship were prescribed by the church and then by society. However quaint they may seem to us today, we can identify with the underlying humanity and human yearning.

LOVE & LIFE: How many is too many?

A scientist says sex makes new brain cells. So it appears you and your squeezes were getting smarter! For all you know, you may have helped someone invent the cure to a disease.

FICTION: ‘The Pavilion of Former Wives’

After he unlocked the door with the key offered him, he warily stepped into a room very much like the bedroom of the house he lived in with his most recent former wife.

Book Review: ‘Single Jewish Male Seeking Soul Mate’: Does being Jewish matter?

Pogrebin raises the most central questions about coming-of-age. Who am I? What do I owe my parents? What do I owe myself? Must I live the life others could not?

Connections: Legislating morality, Part I: Fornication

Premarital sex was sanctioned and encouraged when two people were engaged to be married so the couple could determine beforehand if the marriage would be fruitful. What the women in the fornication trials were actually being punished for was not the act but failing to marry the man afterward.

EDGE WISE: Are Lesbians Gay? Signposts on road to citizenship

I like being called a lesbian. “Lesbian” sounds so cool, so special, and so different that I choose it for myself. Because I am different, and because words matter.

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