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CONNECTIONS: In America, truth has never gotten in the way of politics

Fomenting fear to drive policy is a political technique older than our country. It has never lost favor with the power hungry and never varied.

THEATRE REVIEW: the Theater Barn’s ‘Moonlight and Magnolias’ makes us laugh while learning something

It is a very enjoyable evening of history/comedy with enough honest laughter to make you wish for just one more gag, or one more funny truth to come along.

THEATRE REVIEW: Theater Barn’s musical farce ‘Lucky Stiff’ is outrageously funny

Every minute of the show has something funny going on, and this production has a cast that is as funny as the writing: an excellent combination.

REVIEW: Imperfect but enjoyable Molière at Ghent Playhouse

This is not the easiest piece of theater. It is a play every theater lover should get to know. You have an opportunity here.

REVIEW: A Grimmly satirical Snow White at Ghent Playhouse

The basic story is familiar and easy. It is the retelling that this company does with political and sexual innuendo, cross-dressing, gender confusion and Walt Disney visuals that makes the difference.

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