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DATELINE STOCKBRIDGE: On running for Stockbridge town moderator, a first step into politics

It sure does take a village to run one little campaign, and every kind word and helping hand was appreciated. Thank you.

Tanglewood Learning Institute announces fall/winter/spring schedule

In one fell swoop, Tanglewood became a year-round venue for the first time in its 82-year history when it launched the new Linde Center for Music and Learning in the summer of 2019.

‘It isn’t a word thing, it’s a dance thing’: Mark Morris delights at Jacob’s Pillow

The essence of Mark Morris’s art is ineffable, most emphatically not based on formulas and established narrative tropes. Rather, its genius is its ability to draw us in.

Solemnities and confections in Studio E: Gracing the opening of the Tanglewood Learning Institute

Had composer and conductor Oliver Knussen not died in Suffolk last year at the age of 66, he would have presided over this year’s Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music. It seemed fitting as well that the first sounds to put the new hall to test were Knussen’s stunning 'Prequel to Opening Signal.'

Magic and whimsy at Jacob’s Pillow: ‘Chalk and Soot’

They gave new meaning to the ancient integration of music and dance, pioneered in modern times by Sergey Diaghilev and his colleagues in the Ballets Russes.

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