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Fourteen-year-old youth deceased after being found unresponsive in Benedict Pond

The child was transported to Fairview Hospital; however, lifesaving efforts were unsuccessful.

Kerry Hammill, 40, and Grayson Pellegrino, 3, of Lee

Kerry Hammill worked at Bard College at Simon's Rock for the past three years at its Kilpatrick Athletic Center as front desk manager before transferring to the registrar’s office where she was associate registrar.

Book Review: Spilling our secrets in ‘The Perfect Nanny’

This is not a whodunit thriller; the first line is “The baby is dead.” By the end of page two, readers are clear who’s killed him.

Alvin M. Alson, 94, of Lee, teacher of industrial arts

Alvin spent summers repairing and refinishing furniture for Sotheby‘s and building scale models for I.M. Pei. He continued to learn, teach and create art well into his 90s.

Salvation Army volunteers remind us of the value of sharing — for the greater good

Sally Harris is serving for the third time on the Salvation Army National Advisory Board. When asked what motivates her, she replies, “Hanging around people with the most positive outlooks despite their struggles is a real joy.”

LEONARD QUART: Sound and silence

New York is a dynamic, vibrant city, but one whose constant clamor allows, at least in Manhattan, few moments of serenity. Some people love the din.

FILM REVIEW: 54th annual New York Film Festival

I am grateful to report that this year not a single big slick manipulative commercial blockbuster movie was included.

ART REVIEW: “Land of the Free” at L’Atelier Berkshires Gallery

As the exhibition title hints, the subjects are scenes from America as filtered through the thoughts, memories and dreams of an American artist.

LEONARD QUART: Spring comes to New York

One often stumbles on to perceptions about city life by accident, so as I set out one day to do some food shopping, a number of things strike my eye.

LEONARD QUART: Chance encounters in The Big City

I’m someone who likes to ask questions of some of the people I run into, and more often than not people are willing to talk either about themselves or the world they inhabit in evocative and informative ways.

LEONARD QUART: City of flux

One wants to see some of the grit and buildings on the Bowery preserved. The street had a distinctive personality, and an aesthetic of its own.

Thomas Haas, 86, former Egremont Selectman, television news director

Tom had a strong sense of justice, fairness, character and truth. He loved the excitement of live television and worked on various shows as Director or Production Chief.

LEONARD QUART: New York, city of writers, not politicos

One lives with the feeling in New York that the unexpected can always arise… unscripted surreal and naturalistic dramas may spontaneously erupt.

LEONARD QUART: Welcoming the New Year

When I was in my twenties, the holidays meant a frantic race from party to party. They were usually unsatisfying, even alienating, experiences.

Baukje P. Cohen, 87, of Ashley Falls and Manhattan

A wonderful woman, talented artist, a teacher to generations of medical students at Bellevue Hospital in New York City.

FILM REVIEW: ‘Mistress America,’ Baumbach at his most urbane and zany

The film reminds one of Woody Allen at his best -- profoundly urban and urbane with Greta Gerwig playing an even more quick-witted variation of Diane Keaton. I’m not saying Baumbach’s film is as good as 'Manhattan' or 'Annie Hall,' but it comes close.

‘The Last Hotel: A Novel in Suites’: Suite 49

Installment 32, the last chapter: “I ran down the street as soon as I heard the announcer on the radio. ‘John Lennon’s been shot as he was entering the Dakota,’” Hana continued. “There were hundreds of people in front of the gates, holding candles, playing guitars, singing.”

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