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Whose decline is more severe: Joe Biden’s or the news media’s?

The decisive problem right now isn't Joe Biden or the press; it is what is being done to the American people.

The DOT has a PR problem; give the roundabout a fair hearing

I would like to see us give the roundabout a fair hearing. It might just be that traffic engineers (and drivers all around the world) know what they’re doing.

Rough going for MassDOT officials selling new Great Barrington ’roundabout’

"It seems like nobody here thinks this is worthwhile." -- Bill McTeigue of McTeigue and McClelland jewelers

At GB Selectboard, raw nerves, full moon and damned cobraheads

“I don’t think anyone should be under the illusion that changes at this point [in the Main Street Reconstruction Project] will be without a cost to the town.” -- Sean Stanton, chair of Great Barrington Selectboard

EDGEWISE: Keeping Great Barrington great — or not

We are the stewards of our community, and every decision we make matters. Letting our high school slide into disrepair…letting the character of our Main Street be lost.

Great Barrington Main Street construction update, Oct. 19 through Oct. 23

Finished street and traffic lines, and traffic direction symbols will be put down throughout the week. Expect delays and restrictions on parking.

Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce updates on Great Barrington Main Street construction

NO PARKING on Main Street from cottage to St. James/Taconic Avenue Wednesday or Thursday from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m., during the hours that paving will occur.

The new ‘dystopian’ Great Barrington downtown streetscape

In his letter to the editor, Chris Blair of Monterey writes: The new treeless Main Street in Great Barrington, with its pole-punctuated, sodium-pink illumination, is like some Gregory Crewdson image of a dystopian moment.

Main Street Reconstruction schedule: Week of July 27 –31, 2015         

Hats off to all businesses that have put energy into decorating space in front of their stores, great job!!

Great Barrington Main Street construction update: July 20 through Friday, July 24

Two-way traffic and access to businesses will be maintained at all times. Police officers will be present at all locations to direct traffic and ensure traffic flows smoothly in all directions.

Speeding in residential neighborhoods: A matter of life and death

"After hearing about the 8-year-old boy in Adams who was stuck and killed in a 35 mph zone this week, it really drives home just how much difference a little bit of speed can make when it comes to hitting a child or pedestrian. Most of the cars racing by my house right now are going really, really fast.” -- Dana Coleman of Great Barrington, who lives on Taconic Avenue

Taconic Avenue parents to drivers: Slow Down!

It is a particularly nasty stretch. There are several intersections, so amid speeding cars are those that also slow down to make turns onto streets or into driveways. It is a hair-raising area in which to be on foot due to both high speeds and low visibility from a curve to the north — just before the Castle Street intersection -- that often features cars barreling down the hill from Alford Road, making crossing the street dangerous.

Notes, footnotes & queries

Has the “species purity” movement gotten out of hand, categorizing undesirable plants and animals, even earthworms, as invasive? Next thing you know its adherents will be calling for the elimination of apple trees as an alien species.

Great Barrington Main Street revival is at hand

About the removal of flowering pear trees from Great Barrington's Main Street, Cindy Caminiti writes: "It is never easy to give up what one has known. But change is life, even if what is changing was beautiful. The broken water lines, pot holes and crashing branches were not."

MassDOT gives green light to upgrade of Bridge Street span

When work will be begin on repairing the Bridge Street span, and what restrictions on traffic will be imposed during the repairs has yet to be determined. Bridge Street provides access to the east side of Great Barrington and is a busy bypass during the Main Street Reconstruction Project that is just getting under way.

First Reconstruction project casualty: Phone lines

“We have been working nonstop at the scene throughout the night, and have made very good progress in restoring service for our customers." -- Verizon spokesperson Phil Santoro

Notes, footnotes and queries

Video cameras will be observing vehicular (and pedestrian) traffic during the Main Street Reconstruction. But who will be watching, and who will watch them?

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