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REVIEW: Energy to spare — The TMC Orchestra and Shostakovich Fill the Shed with Sound and Drama

Despite its year-to-year changing membership, this orchestra is reliably distinguished by energy, enthusiasm, and responsiveness, along with technical polish and precision.

Officials: Temporary repair to Cottage Street bridge out of the question

Town manager Mark Pruhenski told the audience that such a move might force the town alone to pay the costs of replacement.

Town to take the edge off – its new curbing

Great Barrington is buffing the edges of its new granite Main Street curbing that has punctured so many tires since MassDOT installed it last year. The town took action now that the DOT has signed off on the project.

News Brief: Curb bites tire — again

So far, the town has declined to take action on numerous reports of tires being damaged by sharp curb edges.

Dying Main Street trees to be replaced

“Now that trees that are dead or dying have been identified, it would be better if they were removed and the tree pits left empty instead of having dead trees there.” -- Robin Helfand, owner of Robin's Candy Shop on Main Street in Great Barrington

Curb cuts anger drivers parking in Great Barrington

One Seward’s Tire employee said it was not uncommon to see four damaged tires in one day.

What we get isn’t always what we need

In his letter to the editor, Patrick Fennell of Great Barrington, Mass., writes: “The $2.1 million state grant for Bridge Street upgrades … will be used for unnecessary underground lines, and cosmetic repairs when all of Berkshire County is in dire need of bridge repairs.”

Notes, footnotes & queries

Great Barrington isn’t the precious theme park those living in the town’s Upper West Side imagine it to be.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road…but stay away from Main Street

In his letter to the editor, Carl Stewart of Alford writes: "There is a specific statute that deals with the liability of towns for damage caused by improperly maintained roads; it is MGL, chapter 84, section 15. (MGL is the General Laws of Massachusetts.)"

Swap out Great Barrington’s new cobra-headed Main Street lights

In his letter to the editor, Chip Elitzer of Great Barrington writes, of the Main Street reconstruction project: “The new, overpowering array of tall, cobra-headed street lights is not mandated by the DOT, nor is the intensity of the illumination."

Great Barrington Main Street reconstruction update

The Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce has provided this planned schedule of work for the week of Monday, Oct. 26 through Friday, Oct. 30.

Hotels and traffic poles: Please stop the name-calling

In his op-ed article, Selectboard member Ed Abrahams writes: "Now is the time to influence the decisions about the hotel. Come to the meetings and give opinions."

Great Barrington Main Street Construction Update

Police officers will be present at all locations to direct traffic and ensure traffic flows smoothly in all directions.

Great Barrington Main Street reconstruction schedule

Maxymillian will continue raising manhole and catch basin covers from Elm to Cottage streets in preparation for final paving in late October. Please use caution when driving.

Main Street construction update, Tuesday, Sept. 8 – Friday, Sept. 11

NO NIGHT PARKING Wednesday, September 9, from 6pm to 7am on Main Street from Elm Street to St. James/ Taconic Ave.

Great Barrington Main Street construction update

Work hours are between 6 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Friday, Sept 4th work will end at noon.

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