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THE OTHER SIDE: The Supremes

Born to segregated white America, it was no wonder that for so many weaned on 1950s "Father Knows Best" delusions, The Supremes, with the words of Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland, and Edward Jr. Holland, offered a far more accurate assessment of what life was really like.

Bits & Bytes: Community dialogue on racism; Lenox Land Trust conversation; ‘Love Travels Fast’; Berkshire Theatre Awards

During the presentation, Gwendolyn VanSant will address personal identity and bias and their relationship to systemic racism and cultural barriers.

THEATRE REVIEW: Mac-Haydn Theatre’s ‘Oklahoma!’ takes a fresh look at a revered classic

If, like me, you've had enough of this show, go prepared to be stunned into applause by this stellar production.

THEATRE REVIEW: Mac-Haydn’s ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ one of the best-cast shows of the season

One of the nicest things about seeing this company work is the emergence from the corps of players of new, young stars.

THEATRE REVIEW: Mac-Haydn Theatre’s triumphant ‘Ragtime’ showcases masterful storytelling, musical staging

If anyone reading this has any interest in theater at all, as a profession or as an avocation, this is what they should see. This is what all people in this industry should aspire to achieve.

THEATRE REVIEW: BTG’s ‘Rock and Roll Man’ has exemplary professional standing

Not a moment is missed in this work. Every character is perfectly defined and the stage pictures are both realistic and dramatic.

THEATRE REVIEW: Mac-Haydn Theatre’s ‘Grease’ features memorable cast, high production vales, terrific band

The phrase "more talent in his little finger" takes on new meaning with this staging of this show. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!

THEATRE REVIEW: Mac-Haydn Theatre’s ‘Sunset Boulevard’ filled with evidence of talent

A lot of fabulous talent is involved and the result is a show that is overly true to its source but not to its original star.

THEATRE REVIEW: Mac-Haydn Theatre’s splendid ‘Curtains’ features high production values, good performers in every role

If I had the time to do it, I'd see this all over again, from the very beginning to the inevitable end—I liked it that much.

THEATRE REVIEW: Mac-Haydn Theatre’s ‘Camelot’ shines mightily with excellent actors, glorious choreography

Just seeing 29 people in large costumes on the postage-stamp circular stage might take your breath away.

Bits & Bytes: Isadora Duncan dance workshop; ‘Berkshire Voices’; Berkshire Stonewall potluck; Berkshire Theatre Awards

Berkshire Voices, led by playwright Michael Brady, was created by and for Berkshire-based playwrights to provide key support and resources for writers at every stage of their careers

THEATRE REVIEW: Mac-Haydn Theatre’s ‘Annie’ regains its stature as a first-class musical theater experience

Directed brilliantly for theater-in-the-round by John Saunders, this company proves that a professional take on this classic can make it fine and new again and so very enjoyable.

THEATRE REVIEW: ‘The Wedding Singer’ at the Mac-Haydn Theatre features a talented cast, crew in a maddeningly silly script

I know it's meant to be funny, but my sense of the ridiculous goes awry when ridiculous goes incredulous.

THEATRE REVIEW: Dark, obsessive ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ at the Mac-Haydn is emotionally sound, beautiful

There wasn't a single false note to be found in this company's interpretations, and so the story maintained its novelistic power through fidelity to Hugo's original intent.

THEATRE REVIEW: ‘Mamma Mia!’ — a delicious fondue at the Mac-Haydn

Cheesy is the show, but I like cheese and, this time around, the fondue is delicious.

THEATRE REVIEW: ‘Cabaret’ at Mac-Haydn is brilliant

Every producer in the region should see this production while they can. In it they will find talent and taste and inspiration. In it they may find future employees and individuals who would enhance their own work and visions.

THEATRE REVIEW: Revisiting a favorite, ‘Funny Girl,’ at the Mac-Haydn

You will find this edition a very good way to re-introduce yourself to this challenging but rewarding piece of American musical theatre.

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