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CONNECTIONS: Baldwin’s in West Stockbridge marches on

The Civil War had created pent-up demand for goods, and there was Baldwin’s. Folks all over the North and South were glad to see the war ending and new businesses starting up.

Art shows this summer: A journey through time

Art is the hit of the summer in these parts, with exhibits that carry us from pop art to graffiti art to environmentally astute art to nudes by Renoir.

LEONARD QUART: Chance encounters in The Big City

I’m someone who likes to ask questions of some of the people I run into, and more often than not people are willing to talk either about themselves or the world they inhabit in evocative and informative ways.

LEONARD QUART: City of flux

One wants to see some of the grit and buildings on the Bowery preserved. The street had a distinctive personality, and an aesthetic of its own.

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