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CONNECTIONS: A tale of two 19th-century Berkshire women

One had a solid impact on Berkshire County and her generation. While the other, although more famous, may have had no impact on the county at all. You decide.

‘Tucked Away’ no more

On Independence Day this year, I confess I’m not sure what there is to celebrate about us.

PREVIEW: Aretha, ‘Amazing Grace’ at Tanglewood’s Linde Center

It's hard to say why so many people with an affinity for neither the gospel nor gospel music weep when they listen to Aretha sing the gospel classics, but Mick Jagger could probably explain it, because he was present at the 1972 recording session for "Amazing Grace."

City Slicker to Country Girl

A transplant from Los Angeles deals with zoological adventures now that she lives in the Berkshires.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Siege’ reveals the constant provocations, never-ending nastiness of the Trump administration

Episode after episode reveals a mean-spirited, self-absorbed bully who doesn’t read, study or listen to anyone who says anything he disagrees with.

Music in Common students celebrate differences, find bonds through music

Watching the group rehearse, a few things became evident: They are learning to lead and to follow; to delegate and to take responsibility; to speak and to listen—in short, all the fundamentals for any collaboration that hinges on communication.

Meet Troy Bond, Berkshire Food Co-op’s new general manager

"It’s a really interesting time—and I think it’s a real perfect time—for strategic planning. That’s the fun of it. What are we going to do this year—and in two years, three years, four years—to continue to grow and make this a fun, vibrant place that brings the community together?" --Berkshire Food Co-op general manager Troy Bond

BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Uninhabitable Earth,’ a grisly, sobering look at climate change

“It is worse, much worse, than you think. The slowness of climate change is a fairy tale, perhaps as pernicious as the one that says it isn’t happening at all …”

Welcome to Real Estate Friday!

This week Natália de Amorim of Preferred Country Properties offers a lovely property in a great location! A selection of listings with Guest Houses!

Daniel’s Art Party at Simon’s Rock: ‘Moving Portraits’

I’m lining up community members to appear in video portraits that capture the subjects doing something that interests them.

The Self-Taught Gardener: A place in the shade

Seeking shade from the Los Angeles sun, our Self-Taught Gardener finds a refreshing oasis tucked into the heat-reflecting folds of Gehry's Disney Center.

You can go home again

When I walk out side and look up to the sky I realize: If you want to change your life, just try to find a way to do it. Life is short and the stars are bright, you just have to be looking up from the right spot.

Merit. Schmerit. College. Schmollege.

The worst part of the cheating scandal was not that the parents paid to cheat, but that they took pains to ensure their children didn’t know they’d won the golden ticket through devious means.

Clinton A.M.E. Zion Church group hires architects for design and restoration

In a news release, Clinton Church Restoration said the New York City-based firm, headed by architect Mario Gooden, "is one of the few African-American architectural firms in the country."

Shirley Talbot, 92, of Stockbridge

She practiced couples therapy in Pittsfield and Stockbridge for 30 years with her husband of 71 years, Eugene Talbot.

The singer finds her voice: The evolution of Wanda Houston

'I love all the music of our lives: the show tunes, the country, the blues, the opera, the jazz. It’s all related, the way we are all related.' -- Wanda Houston

Music In Common launches ‘Amplify’in celebration of music and cultural understanding

By creating original music together, participants wage peace, expand understanding, build confidence, strengthen communities and -- yes -- change the world.

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